Triple TH.

THrilling THankful THursday! Ever felt like you want to do something but you don’t know exactly what? Yeah, that’s me today. Then as I was going on about my business *pulls the serious look*, I came across this one right here ↓

Yikes! I know yah! Not many things go right or the way we want them to, but we shouldn’t also forget the things that have gone right or the way we want them to. Mind play, just in case you had to re-read it to get what I was trying to say. So I hope when you answer the above question your things and the people in your life will still remain as they are minus the baggage(s). Considering that it’s our nature to rant and rave about the baggage, then we should simultaneously say a thank you for the good people and things in life.

I’m totally digging this lady’s music … Robyn

She’s weird in a nice kind of way! The rhythm, the beats and best of all,  her LYRICS. She’s quickly creeping into my favorites without so much struggle. Her dancing styles remind me of P.E in primary school, star jumps and the works (check out “Call Your Girlfriend”), who does that? but she pulls it off cool-y.

Quote of the day, as you have yourself a Thrilling Thursday.

To living, loving and laughing . Be blessed!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*