Under My Wing

And you wonder what that is about. There’s that one thing or two that you always keep under your wing. That which if you didn’t have you’ll be one sad babe. Sometimes it’s what keeps you going on or sane when we feel like things are falling apart, not going our way or they just don’t make sense at all.

Yes, I’m that babe right there. Positivity is what’s always under my wing. That’s how I make out the things that happen to me. Sometimes I just want to breakdown but then I think there must be a reason why this is happening this way. I’m one of those people who solely believe that there’s a time for everything and there’s a reason why something is happening at that particular time and not another, be it bad or good.

Who’s watched that series touch? (you should try it out, that’s besides the point though). Well mine’s nothing mathematical, definitely no numbers. I still think calculus was invented by sadist. Surely, who makes sense out of it, I mean past getting the solution. At no point in my life have I made use of calculus other than my math class and the exam room. Also, neither do I predict what’s going to happen, but I usually have a hunch for things, I feel like things or people are connected in one way or another. Like what happens to you will affect what will happen to another directly or indirectly. Like one persons blessing could be another persons curse kind of thing. You know that far-fetched feeling of how something will turn out, which I can bet everyone has. Sometimes you can even tell what you’re getting yourself into, but you dive in just because it’s a new experience, different scenario and so on.

When you get yourself into something, you always get into it with the expectation that the results are going to be positive … no? In my case, I usually do. By the time I convince myself that I’m going to do this, regardless of how sketchy it seems I always want it to work out for the best. Question is what if it doesn’t? Because situations change, people change, feelings change, ideas change, expectations change, thoughts change … it’s a dynamic world out there, by all means. So what? Do you sit there and cry yourself to sleep or have a pity party? Ummm no, I think the world has taught me better than that.

Those negative things that happen, try seeing them in positive light. Like maybe if it didn’t happen like that it would’ve deterred something better from happening. Yes, I’m best at consolations. Actually, coming to think of it, I must be the worst to come to with an issue, because I won’t really sympathize with you…lol I’m the kind of person who will give you ideologies. Tell you that it’s a good thing that you actually went through that. Lesson learnt right? Like it or not it is. It’s for you to take it in or just brush it off and probably go through the same thing again and feel the very same way.

There’s a blessing in every lesson ~ India Arie

After all, it’s not always sunshine even Mother Nature knows well enough to bring in the rain. It’s for us to find the good in it (says the girl who doesn’t like the rain). As much as the rains brings disasters it comes with goodies as well else you wouldn’t be munching on those fresh and juicy veggies and fruits.

Quote of the day

Isn’t this just beyond cute? O_o You know, it’s really childish … “cookies”  such a cute representation of all those petty things that we guys fight over … C’mon now it’s never that serious.  (ha ha did I say cute twice? but it really is)

Wonderful Wednesday … 4 day weeks always feel different. I like it how we disregard the other 3 days, like we’ll be doing nothing but just feet up on couch all day and just watch movies #wishes. Enjoy!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*