Unfathomable Questions.

Unfathomable because, I barely understand the questions , the depth to which they are supposed to be answered. No-one explains, you’re just asked and it’s assumed that you should have an answer. different people answer differently, some with depth and others as shallow as possible….well, am always torn between the two.

What do you want?

— There are so many things I want, that question is always too ambiguous —

Are you happy?

— Yes is always my automatic answer — What’s the measurement of the degree of happiness, considering feelings flactuate every so often. —

If you today was the last day of your life, what would you do?

— To be sincere, I don’t know, I wonder even who ever came up with this question? —

If you were to go to a desert what three things would you carry along?

— Surely, in this material world, you want me to choose three material things to carry along —

What is your best *Something* ? — Color, Movie, Book

— My preference keeps changing so at that point in time it’s different from some days before or after —

What’s the plan?

— Happens mostly on your birthday and am always so clueless! —

How are you?

— Fine, great, good is an automatic answer—- Is it that you want me to state all my problems? or how happy I am. —

Free to add if you have questions that you find difficult to answer or.

Signing off — *Kawi*