Very Awake in September

I can’t even begin to describe how much I dig September. It’s that month for me, my crush month. And no, it’s not my birthday month, mine’s way back in February, the love month. However, it’s my parents anniversary (today, yes today and I’m so happy for them, 32 years and always going strong … fine wine I tell you), it’s our anniversary month (on 4th, the first of many), it’s one of my favorite cousin in-love’s birthday (today) and it’s the month when a fair share of my super crazy fun friends were born – Virgos, they call themselves.

But the weather, the weather is rather not cooperative with the mood that the month brings. It’s the kind that makes you feel lethargic, especially when waking up in the morning. You just want to hold on to your blankies and not let go; and only snooze button understands this struggle. It’s cold, but today we’re fighting those shivery odds by looking for sunshine anywhere we can find it, because it’s September. Things like a yellow background, sunshiny portrait, some energy and a wide smile, could very simply do the magic.

September Sunshine

The wisdom I get into this new month with,

When you want to do something because you think and strongly feel that it’ll work best for you, then go for it without fear nor favor. Even if it’s something that will make everyone else around you a little apprehensive, they will almost always be fine, eventually. Because it’s not about them but more so, about you. They’ll grow to embrace this you over time.

Say going for the big chop, of which I took my friend to get hers yesterday. It was such a big deal for her (and for everyone around her) because she’d had her locks on for 15 years. She’d nurtured them and taken care of them oh-so lovingly. Hers were the freshest and healthiest set of locks I had ever seen and she rocked them so well. They were already at bra length and she could tie them in a bun (hair goals), need I say more? Basically, they were her identity. You know how when you want to describe someone to a friend you would go something like, “Ule ako na locks” (that one with the locks). That was Njambi for you.


Then one day, she started saying she’s done having locks and she wants to change her look for reasons best known to her. Of course we all had our reservations about it, like we do about every other thing, but she was hearing none of it. And now she’s one hell-of-a beautifully confident short-haired babe strutting around. That feeling that overcomes you when you want to do it is almost synonymous to crazy eyes. When they come on and you start saying it, you can’t take it back, you just find the courage to do it.  It took me back to when I decided to have my big chop and how the feeling was so liberating when I rocked into the office the first day after the big chop or when I jumped into the shower without a shower cap. I see it in her right now and it’s so nostalgic.

What was that one thing that you’ve been thinking of doing and you’re still contemplating how you’ll go about it? Or that one thing you decided to go for anyway even when it seemed odd to everyone else around you?

For the former: Go for it! Start your September on a clean slate, like a new chapter in your book.

For the latter. Go you! Whatever it is you went for, you felt it was best for you at that point and it was truly best for you. Don’t even feel a tinge of regret for doing so. Own it!

Wishing you lots of sunshine in your life this new month and the remaining bit of the year.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*