What Do The People Around You Say About You?

Whom do you seek to influence with your deeds and actions?

This is just in case you haven’t yet watched Amal Clooney’s tribute to George Clooney. It’s one of the best tributes I’ve ever heard and you should take a moment to watch her do it. I got goosebumps watching her and then wet eyes. I tried to contain them so that they didn’t become tears, because someone shared with us the link in the morning and I watched it while I was in the office.  I can only imagine how the people in ballroom were feeling, because I felt this on a deep level. Then George Clooney, maaan!

Maybe it’s how elegant and graceful she looks while speaking about this person who besides being a good human is also her husband. It got me thinking, who do you seek to influence with your deeds and actions? Because there’s always someone watching you, there’s someone looking up to you, there’s someone reaching out to you or there’s someone expecting something of you.

As she spoke about him, I can see that it’s not that he’s perfect (though it’s George Clooney, could be that he is); it’s just that he’s very deliberate. You can tell from how she describes him that he’s deliberate about the type of person he is with her, with the people who interact with him and those who are directly affected by the decisions he makes. He makes the choice to be that person every single time. A good person is not only a good person at home; they’re also a good person at work, at the club and in the streets.

Character is built by choosing to do what is right every time, right by you and by those around you. Click To Tweet

We’re always presented with a choice, so we choose who we want to be in every instance. And that is what that people you’re seeking to influence go away with. And whenever they have to look back, that’s what they will always remember. When you do good by those in your space, it has a ripple effect and it just spills over. It makes them to be those people that do good by others as well, because one good turn deserves another.  Direct influence is something we take lightly, but has the greatest impact.

In as much as we want to influence people from far and wide, we want people to look at us from our social media assets – our vlogs, IG stories, Facebook pages, or Twitter threads, and say ‘I really admire this person’ or ‘they seem like they’re doing great things’, but the people around you feel none of that – your family members, your friends, your colleagues and your peers. You can only get so far. There’s a Swahili saying that goes, “chema chajiuza, kibaya chajitembeza.” Direct translation is that ‘a good thing sells (or comes out natural), a bad thing advertises (has to put itself out there for it to be seen).’

This for me was a great lesson in putting in a lot effort to be that person who adds value to the people around me. Being good is a good thing. Don’t believe in the hype that being good makes you a soft or weak person; it just makes you a better person. Click To TweetYou can be good and assertive, good and bold, good and successful. So be good and change the narrative. Click To Tweet

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

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