What Does It Take For You To Laugh?

Strange question huh? I’m smiling as I write this, because I am thinking of the times I am boiling with anger over something, say an argument or a disagreement with someone. Then something hilarious happens and my insides are burning to burst out in laughter, but I have to hold it back, because I need to maintain my anger or the pissed off look. The moment you make that decision to laugh out whether a chuckle or loud, the rules of engagement are bound to change. And chances are that you’ll be seen to be the one who’s conceding, yet that wasn’t the intention. Sometimes you want to the other person(s) to see how mad or sad you are about the situation, so that they can make a point to right the situation, apologize, or just know how what has happened was not impressive at all. And for that reason you master the art of wearing a pout.

When they said ‘laughter is the best medicine,’ it truly is. Sometimes it’s through that deep belly laugh that your nerves calm down, that you feel like your stress has been watered down, even if for a moment, that you can breathe proper again or that pent up pressure in your tummy has just been released. But what does it take for you to laugh? Because some people take life so seriously that getting them to laugh is an uphill task. Others think that because you laugh a lot, you’re probably not serious with life, that you’re probably just another joker. Or because you laugh a lot, you’re not prone to being mad or getting angry at a situation when provoked.

An angry pout VS a hearty laugh, a hearty laugh definitely looks better and its grounds are easier to operate in. You don’t want a salty looking person(s) in your space all the time, it’s depressing. You need people to light up your space, someone to tell you things that make you smile, to do things that make you laugh, even though not all the time, at least most of the time. And if you have people like that around you, that could possibly be your happy. Invest in them, and make time to be around them, because you’re valuable to each other.

Live, Learn, Love, Laugh

Looking back to the days when I felt like they were my best ever or that I had gotten so much life out of is when I was with people who made me laugh to tears and belly aches. Sometimes it could be at the expense of someone, ask me about it. I have made my colleagues and friends laugh so many times, and not because I’m comical (maybe I am, I wouldn’t know), but because sometimes I just have some serious KawiMoments (Naaz came up with a name for it). Sometimes, especially during random social conversations with peers, I talk faster than I think, and so before I know it I have exposed my blondism, before my intellectualism. And maybe that’s why writing works best for me, because I am able to articulate my thoughts, and interpret them in a more intellectual way ha ha. But hey, what’s life without some humor, and if you’re the source, take heart!

Be warm to humor. It softens your soul, relaxes your mind, and frees your body. (Click To Tweet)

I just thought today would be a good day to remind someone out there, that it’s okay to laugh, despite the situation. When something is funny, let out that belly laugh, the relief is worth it. And when you’re done, you can be able to deal with the prevailing issues even better, because it’s now clear that your anger has died down, and you’re ready to think rationally. I’m talking to myself too.

There are 2 kinds of people, which kind are you.
The one that laughs easily when you encounter something fairly funny OR the one that requires a set of comedians to be aligned for slight chuckle to be heard?

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*


  • Blondism – Those scenarios where your intellect takes a pause and you say or ask something really stupid, but you can’t take it back because people have already heard it.
  • KawiMoment – A word concocted by my colleague to indicate the moment when Kawi’s blondism shows.