What I Mean to Say *Loose Statement*

There’s a word that I figured I loosely use when I find out someone lost their life. I would say, “Life is short, enjoy life”. I have never thought the impact of my statement until today when I had met with two of my old *relative word* for coffee. And as we were talking it happened that one of them had witnessed an accident over the weekend and he helped out the young guys but unfortunately they on reaching the hospital one of them had died and the others were in critical condition. Sad story ūüôĀ

I hate it when I hear a young person lost their life, ¬†there’s still so much to see, to experience, to feel … you know. Anyhow, so as he narrated to us the whole ordeal, it happens that one of the guys involved in the accident was in my Primary School did I just make it sound like I owned it, a year behind me, and I’m like jeez! I know that guy! As usual I would defend my statement … well not know know him, but I have a vivid memory of him. Then my loose statement very¬†conveniently finds it’s way into my mouth, “Oh my life is so short, we need to enjoy it”, and they all node in agreement.

*Bulb light moment*

Wait a second, what exactly are you guys agreeing to? Yeah, that was me right there asking that. My reasoning was that we always say that, but what exactly do we mean? Does it mean to go on vacation and relax on some beach¬†preferably¬†lying on a hammock, holding some cocktail drink with an umbrella on it or some ride on a cruise ship … what does enjoy life mean? Here are the answers I got,

Friend 1 : Playing golf at some Golf Country Club in Limuru gives me so much joy

Me: (my reaction) O_O like seriously, maybe it’s because I have never tried golf, but it sure does look boring.

Friend 1: Walking on that grass, feels like I’m walking on a cushiony carpet, and the scenery is just heavenly, so if I was told it’s my last day, I would hold my golf club and just swing it away.

Me: O_O wow!

(Then my attentions shifts … onto the next one. How about you?)

Friend 2: I’ll just make sure I have it right with my friends and family. That makes me happy.

Me: ūüôā Now I can relate.

But you know what, people are so different. What makes you sleep at night, can make me stay up all night maybe soiling my eyes with tears. And in the same light I looked at my loose “enjoy your life” statement, at first I was thinking how can golf … like seriously golf make you that happy, but you know the same way family and friends would make me happy, then that could be his reason.

Bottom line, is whatever makes you exude that hidden smile, that makes your heart melt and your soul joyful … that, you should make sure is your priority. At least indulge in it once in many whiles, that’s what my loose statement means.

I got this quote somewhere, life is like a’ cuppa tea …

‚ÄúYou sit by the window with a book in your lap, while soft wisps of steam curl up from the tea-cup. You lift the cup, assume a mid-distant gaze and take a careless little sip. Only to realize, somebody forgot to put in the sugar. Too lazy to limber up, you somehow struggle through that sugarless cup! Till you, ruefully, discover undissolved sugar crystals sitting at the bottom. By then, it is too late‚Ķ..‚ÄĚ ¬†~¬†Author unknown

Sometimes all we need to do is just stir the spoon. Enjoying life is kind of like¬†imagining¬† there’s sugar and stirring the spoon … I mean what if¬†there was sugar at the bottom and you just had no idea? ¬†Just in¬†case there’s no sugar at the bottom, then at least you tried your level best at that place and time to make it sweet. So sometimes enjoying life doesn’t come easy, you have to imagine, to look for stuff, for people that make life sweet. But just in case they are not there, you also need to learn to embrace the bitterness of it.¬†Yes, I know there are different ways to see the quote but today this is how I chose to see it.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*