What Would You Do If You Were Forcefully Separated From Your Parents?

I know right! Even I cannot imagine it, but it's happening.

Facebook memories are sometimes the best, especially when they remind you of the nice things you’ve done in the past, key word being nice, not embarrassing. Like for instance, that I read an amazing book and did a book review for it. Today it reminded me of my blog post on the review of ‘And the Mountains Echoed’, an eye-opening, emotionally stimulating and thought provoking book.  If you haven’t read it, you should. When I started the book review, I asked, “what is your fear?” and this was my answer, I have to quote it.

After putting much thought into it, a major one is abject poverty, and the struggle it exposes you to – it blinds you and you miss out on so much in life, on exploring great opportunities, on pursuing your purpose, on hoping for success – because you focus so much on your daily survival. Living one day at a time and deliberating on what you’re going to do today that will help you see the next day, repeat. Its short term, rather than long-term. You can’t plan ahead because you don’t know how today will turn out.

But lately, after reading and watching the international news, I can say that right next to abject poverty, is forced separation from my family for whatever reason. I don’t think I can live well knowing that someone from my family is somewhere out there struggling or being treated like they’re less than human. I would crash inside every day and I would spend every waking day of my life trying to find them or to save them. It’s unthinkable.

To make it worse, this situation with the United States is that these are children who are being separated from their parents and being detained in cages. I understand they’re immigrants and they’re crossing the borders illegally and that is a crime, but does that mean they should be treated like they’re less than humans? I mean, why would someone be doing so if their country is a safe place to stay or it’s aiding them? People move from their countries of origin to seek refuge or look for a place that’s safe for them.

For me to escape and leave the comfort (or not) of my home country and sneak into another country that’s completely foreign to me, and endanger the lives of my family while at it, it would mean that I have lost all hope in my home country and I am genuinely just looking for safe haven. Then you get into this country and the first thing they do is show you how undeserving you are. I wish it could all be handled better. I wish we could see all humans as equals to begin with and then figure out how to treat immigrants from there.

Reading all these stories and comments from different people and celebrities on their thoughts on this matter, made me feel so emotional. This could be because I’m on some flu meds that are making me feel woozy. After I talked to my parents (who are in Meru and I’m in Nairobi) I felt an overwhelming sense of loneliness. I love how my parents treat us, my kid sister and I. They love us, they check up on us, they care for us, they provide for us, they’re present for us in ways I can’t even describe. I can’t imagine not being able to reach out to them or not having them in my life. When I was a kid, I even needed them even more (oaky, I need them even more now, I’m a big baby adulting) and they were 100% there and I don’t think I appreciated it as I do now. It was more like “why are mom and dad bothering me?” But at least they were there and I was always sure they will be there. It was so natural, like where else would they be anyway?

But here are kids who are being exposed to that feeling of aloneness at such a tender age. They are being shown that grown-ups don’t care, that what you thought is such a natural thing isn’t. Isn’t that heartbreaking even for the parents? Knowing that they have exposed their children to that situation, but maybe it’s better than where they have come from and the much they can do is wish them well and hope that they find good homes and grow to become great people.

I wish love prevailed. And we loved before anything else.

That we created policies that are well thought through and accommodative, in that we treat people who are innocent in their thoughts and intentions with respect and in a way that upholds their dignity. That isn’t too much to ask is it? Same way you’d like to be treated if shit hit the fan in your country and you needed to seek refuge elsewhere, even as an illegal immigrant.

Always remember the way the universe works. One day it is them, but another day it might be you or people that matter to you. Click To Tweet So as you create, imagine if the situation was reversed, would you be okay with it?

Stay Inspired,