When Your Plating Skills Suck, Just Enjoy the Meal!

I really wanted to do a food post today, that was my plan. I was making some plantain, chicken breast and mushroom sauce, but as soon as I finished cooking it and serving it on my plate, I changed my mind. I have to admit that my plating and photography skills really suck. It didn’t look pleasant on my plate, especially from a social media sharing perspective. It doesn’t help that the mushroom decked over the chicken breast just made it look like I’d burnt the food. I’m sure if I put it up and tagged Gordon Ramsey, he’d have had a field day mocking my ability to cook. Truth be told though, the food was really yummy and I enjoyed every bite.

This got me thinking that this is just food, but what of other things that happen in your life on a daily. So much happens to us on a daily basis, some good and some bad. I will talk about the good, you know the one that you want to put out there and share with the rest of the world. The one you want everyone to know about. What you were up to, what you were feeling, how you were looking. You want to share it, but then you look at it and you realize that perhaps it won’t look as appealing to the rest, because it has some little flaw. Maybe you didn’t capture it from the right angle or in the right set up, the lighting was poor, you didn’t have the right words or it was blurry. Those are your plating skills being challenged.

This day I got a sudden realisation that I actually love wearing camouflage colors – jungle green, brown, navy blue. Most of my wardrobe is made up of those colors – clothes and shoes!

However, it doesn’t mean that because your plating skills suck and you’re not able to share it with others, that you don’t enjoy it. Some of the things that happen in life are best enjoyed by you and those that are present. Other people don’t have to be privy of it as it’s happening, as long as it makes you feel good. Maybe I’m talking in parables, but in this social media age, we feel like we want to share everything right now as it’s happening, we want others to share in our moments, in our pleasures and in as much as there’s really nothing wrong with that, I have started asking myself in the moment, “is it necessary?” and with that I have began letting it pass.

I leave it alone and live it!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*