Who’s Your Cheerleader?

Life is fragile. It could be like this one day and the next day it flips a coin and becomes something else. Like when a hobo hits the jack pot or Richie rich is declared bankrupt or you sleep well and wake up with a bad ass flu or slip and break a bone or two. What keeps everything together is you. Basically, its all about you, it always is. All the things you do, deep within it’s for your fulfillment. It’s all about what you feel, what you think and what you want (and not necessarily need, because you’ll somehow make sure get what you really need or a way to get around it).

When an egg breaks by an outside force, a life ends.
When an egg breaks by an inside force, a life begins.
Similarly, great things always begin from within!

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It takes a little more to make a champion of course, but it takes a lot more to make a cheerleader. It’s not everyday that you’ll find yourself cheering yourself on. In all honesty, there are some situations that it takes more than other people to come to your aid. Such that even if the external force like in the case of the egg comes to your rescue they could crack you up (not in the “haha funny” kind of way, but in the “get out of my life” kind of way) and leave you more messed up than you actually were.

But if it’s something that comes from within, you are able to think it, analyse it and apply it. It could be a slow process, but the fact that it’s stemming out from you makes the difference. No one can internalize something for you, no one can give you the “you can do it” or “it’s going to be okay” mentality more than you can do yourself. In not so many words, you are supposed to be your own cheer leader.

Your life is the only place you’re both the player in the play-field and the cheerleader on the sidelines. It’s the cheerleaders who give the players the psyche for the game, they are sometimes even the ones who bring some spirit to the game.

The next time you think you don’t have cheerleaders in your life or someone asks you “who’s your cheerleader”? (woe unto you if you almost thought it’s who’s your daddy). Most of us are blessed to have families, partners and friends as your top cheerleaders, but no one beats you being your own. Because when other people don’t have hope in you at one point or another, you can have hope in yourself and that’s what makes you take the next leap on to greater things. Plus what are the chances of disappointing yourself, unless you don’t really like yourself. You should go out of your way to be there for yourself.

So if you’re going through something, I know it’s easier to say than do and I’m probably not in your shoes because am not you and you’re not in mine either, but you’re your best cheerleader. You’re the one who’ll cheer yourself while you’re in the play-field hustling and trying to make ends meet. Others will play with you, cheer with you but the MVP at the end of the day should be you. Not your friends, not your family, not your partner. They are your support system, your team and they’ll definitely help you defend and attack … Yikes! Did I just go the football way, the influence meeh! But you get what I mean. yes?

Sign Off ~~~ *Kawi*