Why am I doing this?

Do you ever ask yourself why you’re doing what you are doing?

Do you ever ask yourself why you’re doing what you are doing? I do that all the time. I am doing it even right now as I write this, because I want to give meaning to the things that I do. Though this makes me feel like I don’t have the authority to speak on things, because what do I know? When I was sanitizing my blog last year, I categorized it into two bits, life stuff and the fun stuff. I felt that the life stuff will be serious things in life, those that greatly define us and impact our day to day living from our careers, relationships, finances and so on. Then there’s the fun stuff, which is basically the things that we truly enjoy doing and they don’t necessarily account for anything, like the books I am reading, the hairstyle I am rocking, the food I am cooking.

So the other day when I was looking at the two segments and I was going through the life stuff one, I was like, “What was I even thinking? What will I write about in the career, finances or relationships sections?” Ideally, I would eventually love to be writing more often (whispers … I mean every day), but I would like to write about things that we can each relate to. So that when you read, you feel like, “I have also been there…I am going through that … I totally get you” and perhaps you can share with us what your experience in return and we can learn from each other.

When I was writing my last two last two posts – this one and this one – , which were so heavy, my intention was to just let you in on what was going on in my life and how I was dealing with those things. It wasn’t easy putting them together and being able to communicate was in my heart and mind. After publishing them, I realized that when you think you’re going through something alone, the world is so gigantic and there are so many other humans going through the same struggles as you are. And when you share, they come to your rescue, each one of them in their own special way. Some will send you messages of encouragement based on their experiences or just because they’re compassionate, others will call you and cheer you up, and others will want to meet you and share their stories with you to inspire you. By the time you’re done with each one of them, your burdens will feel lighter and you will have the strength to soldier on. That’s what happened to me.

And that’s why I do this. That’s why I write. That’s why I share those things in those two segments, to show you that I am just another human who could be sharing the same struggles as you and who’s trying to figure out how to maneuver through life. Since life doesn’t have a manual, our shared experiences could form the manual.

Don’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Share your stories. Let those who have been there encourage you, those who are still there empathize with you and those who are yet to get there, learn with you.

I would love to take this chance to thank each and every person who reached out to me via email, the comments and other social media platforms. You inspire me. Sometimes I lack the confidence to do this, you know, write, but you make me find the courage to do it. You make me find the words when I don’t have any. Then one word after another, and here we are with a post that makes so much sense.

Stay Inspired,