Why did I get Married?

Why Did I Get Married

Just so that you know, I would really want to get married and have kids, have a great family, grow into it. The day i’ll achieve that then i’ll know i’ve fullfilled my purpose. Yeah that’s my greatest desire.

But the problem is that those people who have managed to achieve that make marriage sound like hell. I have never quite understood that. I know people would say am naive for thinking that marriage is a good thing that can really work. I mean I get that almost every other time. I know it ain’t a bed of roses. Considering relationships also aren’t.

Everything in life has it’s ups and downs including you’re own life, you know school, home, friends but when it comes to relationships it’s different because it’s you and another person involved, that’s what makes it much harder.

Different people handle the same thing differently.

You know more like you can kill a rat in more ways than one: You can use the rat trap, you can give it poison, you can hit it with a broom. Those ae just but a few.

The thing with marriage is that you both have different views about the same thing just like the rat example. Say the woman wants to use the rat trap and the man wants to hit it with a broom. And you have to choose one. It’s all about humility, who’s going to reconsider their views and choose the best one among the two.

Why did you get married?

If you cannot be humble enough for your wife/husband who is your world?

If you can’t respect each other?

If she isn’t the first person who crosses you’re mind when you are doing something?

If he/she isn’t the only one who gets all your love unconditionally?

If you can’t sacrifice one or two things to make you’re partner happy?

If your partner is not the only person besides you’re family who understands you for who you are and accepts you with all your flaws?

If you don’t mean the world to them…or they don’t mean the world to you?

That if you are given 60 seconds to collect the most valuable thing in the house, they are the 1st person you would pick?

To me that’s what marriage is, and no one convince me otherwise. I do respect marriages, I don’t get why someone would talk ill of their spouses. You had a choice, a gun wasn’t put to your face and you weren’t commanded to say yes or even to have a wedding in the first place.

Problems are there everywhere…even at work. It gets me why people who are married can’t sit together and have a decent talk…or would sleep in separate rooms or have a clandestine and never make their spouse feel like a King or Queen. I can testify that three quarters of married people frustrate their spouses: Disrespect, Lack of proper communication, not caring, silent treatment bleh bleh bleh. But once you get married, somethings should come automatically like forgiveness,

Am not saying you go sleeping around and you come back and expect me to forgive..that’s pushing it, or you beat me up and you expect me to forgive you again that’s pushing it. This being me, that’s like telling me GO AWAY!

By Forgiveness, we humans are not like God, you know. When it comes to the two I have mentioned above, they are a piercing to the heart #ThankGodforDivorce there’s no two ways about it. But other things should be discussed as grown ups? I don’t get it why guys don’t communicate … I mean it’s the easiest rule in handling things. It makes everything easy.

Anyway, I think before you get married, you should know what you really want. And If it’s not the person you’re getting married to then #NeverNeed.

If you’re married and it’s just not working out and you’re spouse is being a bitch or douchebag #Sorry I don’t want to have that.

If you’re married and you’re enjoying it and preaching positivity in marriage whether you’re on the rocks i.e experiencing the thorns on the roses or the beauty of the rose. You’re my inspiration and I just want to be like that as well.

“My Prayer is to be a the best wife and a the best mother to my husband and my family to be”

Signing out — *Kawi*