Why I Still Believe.

Lately, I have been honored to share moments with most of the people who are working so hard to rebuild and restore Chase Bank to its former glory. Perhaps to an even more stable and stronger institution than it ever was. And as I listened to them and watched them, I was able to visualize it and for some very strange reason, at that moment, and at the depth of my heart, believe it. I know it sounds pretty naïve on my end, it could be. Actually ever since Chase Bank went under receivership I felt like I am naïve about everything. I felt like I still have a lot to see, a lot to learn and pretty much a lot to experience.


And that is what has been running through my mind this entire week. So much so that I couldn’t think of anything else to write about. See my life.

I believe not only because I am a Chaser, or because I have worked to build the Chase brand over time, but because I am inspired by the people I work with and how much energy they radiate every single day. How much they are so passionate about enabling people achieve what matters to them. Yes, that’s our purpose statement in writing, but it’s now more than ever that I have seen people live it rather than just say it. When you don’t have all the resources the customer needs, but you still manage to somehow show them the value in what you offer, and convince them to continue believing in you – and they do. The genuine exchange of smiles and satisfaction after a client has been served. The genuine feedback about what they’re feeling – good or bad – and still finding it within themselves the spirit to encourage us and hope for a better outcome with every visit.

Even at a time when everyone should be feeling dejected, and troubled about what the future holds for them, you will find us in the offices or at the branches just making the most of moments we share. You know, cracking each other up, encouraging each other, challenging each other, motivating each other to look forward to coming to the office the next day, because there’s a time we didn’t have a reason to believe. Then we dug deep and we found the reasons in each other. There are so many times I have come to work because I know my colleagues will make my day worth it. Why lie!

That aside, I am truly impressed.

I am impressed by people who are doing, and keep on doing every single day. They do what they need to do to ensure that things are back on track. Even when the progress seems a little bit longer, sometimes a little bit slower, especially from the person looking outside in. Or from the person looking inside out, but still waiting for answers to give to a client who is anticipating some great news or who is not amused that they are caught up in this situation and still have to wait it out.

I am impressed by the people who are working tirelessly. People who carry along with them so much faith and positivity every single day and they pass it along to whomever they come across whether a senior, a junior, a client. I remember when in the beginning we could convene and there was nothing concrete to report, and we would silently think, “they’re just bullshitting us.” Then slowly by slowly, things started to look up. We opened up the doors and the services started being restored, one by one. And activity loomed where everything was once silent and dormant. And now we’re once again charged, we are bullish – our Receiver Manager’s favorite word.

I am impressed by the fact that someone wakes up every morning with the mindset of, “how can I make today better for someone else?” Not so much for themselves, but because they realized that when you make life better for the people around you, then your life automatically becomes better too. So many times, we find ourselves asking, “Do you need help in anything?”, “How would you like me to assist?” because if you are able to reduce the burden on someones shoulder, and they’re lighter and more pleasant around you, then it rubs off on you too. I see that everyday.

I am impressed by the simple fact that even if we didn’t have a reason to believe in anything, we constantly found it within ourselves to. I could very easily run away from this moment, this lesson, this experience, and find somewhere better to be, something easier to deal with, something more promising, but every day, I keep choosing to soldier on. So yes, I am still at Chase Bank for those that keep asking me 🙂

Every decision one makes and every belief one has is more personal than anything else. We all go through shitty moments, shitty days, shitty experiences, excuse my use of shitty, but that’s the best way I could describe how bad it can get.  And how do we liberate ourselves from it? We feel it, we live it, but we have to get over it and move on. We decide what we will move on to, and what we will believe in. I dig myself into the things that bring me peace, hope and happiness. And I know that if we all did what we’re meant to do, when we’re meant to do it and where we’re meant to do it with no greed or malice – then it will be alright. And at this moment, I feel exactly that. As J.K Rolling says (even though in a different setting, it still applies),

“I was set free, because my greatest fear had already been realized, and I was still alive, and I still had a daughter whom I adored, and I had an old typewriter and a big idea. And so rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”

Have a kickass weekend Snippers.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*