Woohoo It’s Friday *but uummm!!!*

I bet I keep saying this every week but really… hasn’t the week just flown by? I never expected Friday to reach this fast…let alone the end of the year.

But heeey, Thank God It’s Friday … those number of things we’ve done in those 7 days have got to be attributed to our big man up there *looks up to the skies*…for keeping us safe, watching over us and taking care of us. Seems like those angels are doing one hell *or should I use heaven*-of-a-job.

And out of sheer curiosity, why do we say that heaven’s direction is up like past the sky… and hell is down under somewhere (I always think it’s under that crater…you know how when it erupts it’s the lava is super hot and all or if you fall in it, you burn)? Or am I the only one who believes that until today. That’s #blonde101 right there.

Now Listening To

Gun s N Roses – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door  ——–> How convenient. Just when I’m asking about heaven and ‘the opposite’.

Now Reading

Eat, Pray, Love  – Elizabeth Gilbert —–> How I’d searched for that book … Finally I got it and the wait and search seems worthwhile…since I’m so totally loving it.


I have become an economist by force. I’m now economizing on nearly everything at the moment, anything to cut down on expenditure. It’s a trade-off to something good. For example, Carrying packed lunch instead of actually going to buy either in a restaurant or the mall…Which has totally baffled some people at home and in the office. That’s so unlike me, but I guess we all grow up at one point…This is my time *happy sigh*

Maybe that could be the reason why today I’m not craving anything really…I’m taming my “crave hormones”…lol so far it’s working out, whereby you can see but not touch. Not unless it’s contributing to the trade-off. Though at the moment I’m focussing on things that are long-lasting i.e durable and can make my life much more comfortable when I’m on my own…haha I’m not being so straight on this by the way.

This is my consolation quote *quote of the day below* for this few coming weeks, months and probably the next many years. Since lately I’ve been on and on, on how growing up sucks, until I came across this quote and  remembered how bad I wanted to grow up once-upon-a-time and now it’s here,

Letting itself in without really knocking the door and letting me get ready. Instead it’s coming like a thug and catching up with me not the way I had actually thought of it …

Trust me the way I’d thought of it was more like a fairy tale. To me growing up meant – no struggle, no pressure, no stress, no hurting, no suffering , no reading, it meant I’ll be rich (so that I can buy whatever I want), greatest job, with a big house and many many other nice things. —-> Ummm clearly Mr.Thought and Mrs.reality must have broken each others hearts in high school, I wish and pray something happens, because you never know, with destiny and the way things are nowadays they could meet once again and live together happily ever after, as a couple/ life partners *wink*



Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*