You Learn NOT Lose

“You win some, you lose some,” that’s the game of life as purported. To cushion the reason why you would lose in the first place. I mean you can’t always be winning or else it’ll get into you head. That’s how it comes off. Don’t we always celebrate, acknowledge and make merry when we make wins? You are almost untouchable, the world is yours to conquer. T-shirt ripping, chest beating, double fist pumping, if you could you would. Then when you lose, you want the earth to open up and swallow you whole. It’s a shame, it’s embarrassing, you are afraid of facing the world. You wonder what they’ll think of you, a loser that’s good for nothing perhaps. We think far and beyond what they are thinking of us and maybe you’re the last person they are thinking of. That’s how we’ve taken it to be. Wins are to be celebrated, loses are to be shamed. It happens to me too, though I feel it shouldn’t be that way.

Wins and loses are usually attributed to situations that have you placed under a microscope. In our different spheres of life, it’s like we are always sitting in an exam room. Not the typical exam room where you’ve been given time to prepare for it, material and hints of what you’ll be examined and on the d-day you’re given a question paper and answer sheet to pour out all what you’ve been reading. If you thought that was difficult, now imagine one you’re unprepared for. No material, no hints, just you and what you think you should do in that situation. These are situations you’re unaware of. Unaware of its essence or even when, where or how it will present itself.  Life does that to you, it gives you choices of which your decisions could either result into a win or lose. But when you lose, it gets you to learn what you should or shouldn’t have done in the first place. If you’re lucky, you get another chance to play it down again and now you can make a wise and calculated decision given the choices presented to you. It could be because if you don’t lose some, it would get into you head and you won’t want to learn some. It’s in the loses or failures that you get to learn. The wins are like a reward for your learning.

I had actually done this post a while ago, and it was just sitting in the drafts, you know just chilling. Thinking that there’s something that I could add on to it, but then, nothing really came to mind. It is just what it is.

It’s about winning and learning, NOT losing. The moment we feel like we’ve lost, is the moment that we stop living, we become too hopeless to salvage the situation.

Despite the circumstances we’re faced with especially those that make you feel like you’ve lost in one way or another; Some life-taking, others life-threatening; some feeling of helplessness and hopelessness and others of insignificance, whatever it is, learning from it is what sets you apart as a human being. It’s what gives life more meaning, because, the reality that is, is sometimes it does lose its meaning. But never give up. That’s why you’re a hero in your own story, and heroes, they never give up, regardless.

You Win Some, You Learn Some NOT Lose.
You Win Some, You Learn Some NOT Lose Some

On that note, my heartfelt condolences to all those who’s loved ones lost their lives in the cowardly and beastly Westgate attack. Quick recovery and healing to those who were directly afflicted and inflicted. It’s unthinkable and unbelievable because anyone could have been there instead of them, it could have been me or you. For those of us that live to tell the tale, let it be a story of winning and learning and not one of losing. Let’s not give the enemies an upper hand, because you’re braver than you believe and stronger than you seem. Keep up that Kenyan spirit. The oneness, the bravery and strength of our people, the positive messages all over, the selfless acts, because that there, that’s God working through us.

Have a blessed and safe week lovelies.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*