11 Things, Because 11th Month

Do me good as I will do you. I didn’t even notice that October has come to a close until when I was writing the date on the deposit slips. Oh bills. If all bills could just be dissolved so that we live a life free of bills, that would be absolute awesomeness. This day started with so much sunshine that I woke up in panic mode. I thought that I had overslept and I was late for work. Then I check my clock wondering what happened to the alarm, because I was sure I didn’t snooze and it’s voila, it’s 6:00am. I need thicker curtains for my room for sure. This can’t be life. Then again, I NEED a very serious need to learn how to wake up really early, otherwise how will I be C.E.O? From interviews, I see they all wake up at the wee hours of 4:00-5:00am.

Anyhow, today I was thinking of “what we think of ourselves”. Not ‘your CV’ kind, but the ‘what do you think others think of you’ kind. Most people probably think people think the most negative things about them, you know like “they’re stuck up, they’re boring, they’re impatient, they’re rude”. Very few times do you think that someone else thinks good things about you, something like, “(s)he’s kind, (s)he’s pretty, (s)he’s got good style, (s)he’s fun to hang around”. That’s why you’d go “oh really” in disbelief. Well, maybe those things you think they think of you are probably true, especially if you are like that. For some it’s intentional to be bad but I’m sure there’s someone you want to think the best of you.

Funny enough, people tend to also think good things about you, even Hitler had people who thought good things about him. Sometimes what gives us morale to just continue living and fulfilling our purpose here on earth is knowing that there’s someone who thinks good things about you.

Since you can’t force good compliments out of people, this lovely month, tell someone something good about them. What you like about them. In case someone tells you, you could tell me how it felt, because I bet you it does give a warm fuzzy feeling. Sharing (beautiful information) is caring not cheap talk *wink*

Thank God It’s Friday

It also looks like November (blast from the past) for me is a list month. So let me tell you a little something about me, something you would know or wouldn’t know if I didn’t tell. 11 things because 11th month.

  1. I am a constant, not very random or spontaneous. In the sense that, I try out stuff (while at it I am mildly spontaneous), then when I land on something I really like, I will continue doing it the same way over and over until I happen to find something else that excites me just as much or more. I’m not good at trying out different things when I already have a favorite.
  2. I blubbe A LOT. When I am happy. I just go on, on and on. Then I go quiet when I’m sad. But I also go silent when my mind wanders, not necessarily because of sadness, maybe just to reboot and reload. I guess that’s normal right. But it confuses many.
  3. I hate sweet and sour. It’s either sweet or sour. I can’t stand both. My palette was not made to accommodate both.
  4. I believe the internet was the best-worst thing created by mankind. Then social media happened, and that was just it. It’s even more enjoyable when you know where to draw the line and know how thin that line is, because it can make or ruin you.
  5. I love colour, lots of it, but not on me because I’m kinda-sorta shy (though this might change, now that my hair is coloured). On things around me. Preferably, things I own, because if I don’t own it, then chances are that I’m ogling at it.
  6. I’m inspired by my baby sisters poetry (here). I think she has a gift, which she probably doesn’t know the value of, and I know it. Then again, no pressure. They do grow into it, it’s like a treasure map.
  7. I have the best parents. They’re special in their own big special way. They teach me (us) about life, sometimes without even knowing they are and they are always available – far or near, always.
  8. I share a birthday with my boyfriend. But what’s weird is that we’re completely different. Personality-wise. In a way that compliments the other. Even though at times before you figure it out it gets you to wanting to pull off your hair (oh of which I chopped), then love happens and you totally get each other. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything, it’s refreshing.
  9. I love music because of the beats, then the words – which need to suit my mood. If I love it, I replay it until I feel it’s a bit too much. Then I forget about it, from the name, to the lyrics. That’s how I get my musical satisfaction. Sometimes, I just have my earphones on with no music, silence makes a good song too.
  10. Nothing beats a good set of friends. Those that are just a dial away, regardless. You know God knew the world would be a challenging place to live, then he gave us you to make it a little less challenging and more enjoyable.
  11. I started blogging in NOVEMBER 2009. 4 years ago. It was a ‘let me try out’ thing that turned out to be something I do every other week and totally enjoy every bit of it. Without a doubt (okay, once in a while I doubt myself, then I pick myself up … of course when someone says “she blogs”) because I’m not left with much of a choice.

Have an awesome Friday and may November do you some good too, because you definitely deserve it. Just for reading and getting to this point LOL.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*