2016 Is My Mango Tree.

Sometimes it’s quite a challenge to sit and try to remember all the good times and the not-so-good times you had throughout the year. Because at that moment you were going through them (whatever it is), it seemed like that was what was defining you. And if it’s good, it makes you feel like you’ve just reached that light that’s usually at the end of the tunnel. But if it’s not-so-good, it crosses out everything, and you feel like you’re back to square one. Like you need to do something different, or work a little harder, or do something life-changing to get you back to a state of progression.

New Year, Reflections, 2015

You know, it’s like a mango tree. I was going to say apple, then I remembered I have actually never seen an apple tree (shame, but just being honest, have you?). I just hear or read of them, and eat the fruits off the shelf. As for mangoes, we have history. So like mango trees, when a mango is within your reach, you just jump from the ground, pluck it and eat it. It doesn’t really have any effect on you. It tastes sweet, but that’s all there is to it. But when the mango is so far up the tree, you have to think of ways you can reach it, you could choose to climb the tree and brave the loose branches and the height (for those who fear heights) or throw stones and hope that it loosens up the mango from the branches and it falls off. Basically, you have to make the effort to get the mango from where it is, how you do it is up to you.

And when you eventually get your hands on that mango, it’s a blissful moment. Mostly because you can’t believe that you actually managed to get the mango that was so-out-of-your-reach. You devour it, and just like the mango that was within your reach, it’s also unbelievably juicy and sweet. And you relish the moment. Then shortly after you’ve made your fruit salad or juice or laid it down plain, it’s over. And you want another mango, and you look over the tree and try the same methods or be smarter about it. And sometimes you could pick a mango that’s been pecked by the birds or rotten or not ripe. It’s not guaranteed that when you make that effort pick the fruit that you will always get a juicy and sweet mango. But you keep trying them one by one. You also keep getting better at it as you go.

Back to my opening statement, it’s a challenge not because you don’t appreciate those treasured moments, but it’s because you’ve eaten out of them and you’ve savored the moment, but you have to keep making new ones, so that you can get a feeling that’s almost similar over and over again. And even if you put in so much effort to ensure that you reached your goals that were so out-of-your-reach, when you do, you enjoy it and then you move on to the next one. Unfortunately, life doesn’t allow you to hold on to the moment for too long, you will remember it, but that’s what it becomes, a memory.

And that’s what was troubling me throughout this holiday period. I am a Christmas person, but this time round, as the day arrived I felt a little bleh! Nothing special. I wanted to decorate the house, but the Grinch (who stole Christmas) convinced me otherwise, and here we were, no posts, no decorations, no Christmas tree, no mood. But I braved it anyway, and smiled it away. I made it my purpose to ensure that at the very least, everyone around me enjoyed Christmas – and by enjoying I mean, relaxed, talking, laughing, chilling and feasting. We celebrated it with our families, and when we are with them, that’s usually the order of the day. They make you forget what’s eating up your mind. I love them.

And now, Christmas is over, we’re onto the New Year. Looking back, I want to list down all the amazing things that have happened this year and share with you like I always do, but I choose not to. No doubt it was a great year, and I am quite content about it and grateful too. But because the events that occurred year round were so amazing, it’s very easy to dwell on them all day, and all night, and not move on. I have achieved some milestones that were so out-of-my-reach (favorite word of the day) and I have made memories that will last a lifetime. Like that sweet mango, I just want to keep chewing on it, until no juice is left. But I will not benefit if I did so.

I now have the mango tree right in front of me, and because I want those yummy, juicy mangoes that are way up there since I’ve cleared all the ones that were hanging loosely at the bottom, I have to keep devising ways to harvest them. And I need to remember that even when I put in so much effort and sometimes I land on the rotten ones, or the ones that have been pecked by the birds or are that aren’t yet ripe, I still have to keep going. Since there’s so many mangoes to go around, here I am, I will continue picking them – and hopefully, get the sweetest of them every time I pick them. And have more moments to savor, because don’t we all live for such moments? So,

Dear Snipper,

I am wishing you a genuinely happy New Year. Go pick those mangoes, I hear that they get sweeter and juicier the longer they stay up there, so don’t worry when you don’t get there sooner than you wanted. And whatever the state, keep trying until you get the sweetest of them all, because you deserve it.

I love that you’ve been with me through 2015, 2016 just gets better. Be blessed.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*