26. Tips the Scale

My new catch phrase for things Birthdays. I have been writing this post in my head for a while now. It’s that time of the year once again, when I tip the scale up 1 year and getting much closer to the year when the biological scale apparently starts working. But that shouldn’t worry me just yet. I thought of what my birthday wish list would look like, and it was such a task, I’d look too needy. So I decided to imagine from the top of my mind,  26 things I’d want to achieve and acquire this new year:


I want to learn how to bake, grill and everything else an oven can do. Because, I have never really made good use of one. All of my food is pan-fried or sufuria cooked. I would like my family to enjoy some really good foods on the weekends.


A blender, there’s an overload of ripe fruits in the market that need their juices squeezed. I think I would play a good role at that if only I had a blender.


Be an adorable girlfriend to my boyfriend that’s if I’m not already *wink*.

My Birthday Mate.
My one & only handsome birthday mate. Happy Birthday Love.


Keeping people dear to me much closer.


A fancy phone cover for the Xperia V.


Play around with my house design from furniture to curtains to placements – comfort is my mantra and funky what I want to achieve.


Learn anything and everything content related – and just be good at it while at it.


A vacay – I could almost see myself sipping something on some beach somewhere. But that’s for later, I haven’t accumulated enough leave days yet.


Host a party. We just have to look for a reason.


A card holder for my cards. I got my batch of nice cards and well I they’re still in the boxes.



Get more suits for work. Yes, I adjusted and embraced it. Now I’m all suited up for the week.


Continue the spirit of gifting.


Think outside the box, always. Sometimes I get closed up in the box, but I would do great with outside the box.


Write and write away, and hope it leads me somewhere.


Inspire someone, even one person with each post I make (more like “every move I make” haha).


New friends. The new ones I have made, have been nothing but amazing.


To get a music system for house. Can you imagine I don’t own one. And yes, I love music. It’s just never been a priority.


To grow, grow , grow. Of course not in KG’s, but out of my comfort zone.


I want to go with my folks upcountry more often. I rarely do, but they’re fun to hang out with.


To be a better big sister to my baby sister, I think I could do better than I am.


Get or make something functional every month, no matter how small it is, as long as it is, as long as it is saving me time and effort.


Try consolidate my best of everything. Have you ever been asked what is your best movie? and you’re left with a blank look because you’ve never really thought about it. It seems those are the kind of questions everyone asks nowadays.


I need dresses. I don’t own any sun/hangout/office dresses. I have one tailored dress and I think 2 maxi dress. It’s for shame.


Now that all my close friends are either married, in the process of getting married or talking marriage. I should start thinking forward and make imaginary plans like when I want to get married, how my dress will look, what theme colors I want, my gift list (like that washing machine I saw in Nakumatt and I can’t afford it yet…lol), my bridesmaids e.t.c.


Let every experience be a lesson and not a feeling like I have failed. I think so far, I’ve tried to practice that.


Eat my own baked cake on our next birthday. I’d better know how to because y’all will get a stomach ache if I don’t know how to.


To declare God’s incredible blessings over my life, because I am blessed beyond measure.


26 was a good year. So many good things happened to me. Some so big that the impact made me numb and all I can do is appreciate and make sure that I give those tapped opportunities my best.


Have fun. Live life. Learn Lessons. Laugh at anything that deserves a good laugh.

Happy Birthday to all my #TeamAquarius people, To Kare, a special shout out to you, Happy Birthday babe. Let’s make this one memorable in our own special way. Lot’s of love, peace and light in your lives. God bless you richly.

Signing off ~~~ *Kawi*