Stuck in a Box?

Yesterday as I was walking home I had one of those moments of deep thought. I was thinking about fear, doubt, indecision and all those things that come to you when you’re supposed to do something that is to some extent out of your comfort zone. It’s like we have as part of our factory settings that function called “FEAR”. This leads you to lack belief in whatever you’re engaging in, doubt that you’ll be able to go through it or even do it, and indecision, you can’t seem to know which direction to take, what to do.

stuck in a box, fear

I think this function incapacitates you for a moment. If you allow it, it could be for a life time. It’s like you’re stuck in a box and you think how there’s no life outside it. Or rather how will you manage life outside that box that you’re oh so used to? It’s already comfortable, it’s enough. Then why go ahead and try out something that doesn’t necessarily promise you the comfort of this box? Many of us live inside that box, we do everything in our ability to convince ourselves that that box is all we need and anything past that is not that necessary. But is that the case really?

We humans were born curious but also inherently fearful of things both known and unknown. It’s good when you fear God, but bad when the fear hinders you from exploring your curiosity. It’s that curiosity that will tell you, “that box is growing too small for you” or “there’s something called ‘claustrophobia’ and that box could be the cause”. You know those things that will make you do everything in your ability to want to get out of that box. This box, it’s just not a box. Just think of all those things that you think of or imagine of doing and they make you cringe even at the thought of it. It could be anything.

For instance, the thought of starting my thesis gave me the total creeps. I wondered about the topic, where I will get the research stuff, how I will write it up, how I will defend it, how I will do the questionnaires, how I will analyze them and finally how I’ll defend the final thesis. It was all about the why’s, where’s and how’s. Surprisingly, I am past half the trouble. I tell you the fear is real, up until you remove the doubt and make that decision that gets you out of your comfort zone and work at make those things work for you. That’s just one example. There are so many others things or situations that still get me thinking, “hmmm, how will I even do that or how will I get there.”

Are you stuck in a box and wondering how you could ever kick yourself out of it? Just do it, Nike couldn’t have said it better. Outside the box will at some point become inside the box once you adapt to it. You build comfort over time. Then you’re at your curious stage once again, where you get bigger than the box. It’s a vicious cycle.

I highly doubt there’s a point someone will be completely at peace in their comfort zone, even at the point of self-actualization (recall Maslow’s hierarchy of needs). We’re always looking for more successful, more satisfying, more and more things. Your wanting list grows exponentially. If that’s the case, is it fit to be called a comfort zone? It doesn’t seem so comfortable after all, because even when we think it is, we’re yearning for more comfort as we chase what’s outside our box.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*