A Chat with Mum

I love having chats with my mum, mainly because of how inspiring and insightful they get. While sometimes they may get a little touchy too, especially when she’s trying to hold me accountable for things I’ve said I will do and haven’t yet done OR when she wants to know what’s going on with regards to our plans. And boy does she know how to switch them up, from the happy-go-lucky conversations to the serious let-me-think-about-it conversations; it’s a case of 0 to 100. It’s also amazing, how she can tell from the sound of my voice when my mind is thinking, “it’s a wrap, this conversation isn’t happening, at least not now” but of course continues to probe, while leaving you with a just-think-about-it.

Chat With Mum, Life Lessons
Selfie taken on my birthday. It’s still birthday month 🙂

So the other day, we passed the place where our old church, Parklands Baptist, used to be back in the day. It didn’t start as big as it is now, or even where it’s located now. When we started going, it was in a small building, located right opposite K1, on Ojijo road. Then, it didn’t seem so small, it was just enough to hold the congregants. But then, the church elders had a vision and when an opportunity arose, the church got a piece of land in Westlands, where they built a bigger church. As the building grew, even though it wasn’t packed, slowly new members started joining and in no time the congregations had grown by leaps and bounds. Now, there’s barely enough space to sit inside the church because it’s jam-packed every Sunday. They have tents outside, other buildings to host the teens & the children services and even a primary school within the church compound. It’s ridiculous how it’s grown.

As we went on with our chat, we talked about our experiences about when we took the next big step that would lead to our growth in the different areas of our lives – business, lifestyle, career, family and so on. My dad always listens in, but lets us do the talking. And we came to the conclusion that for you to grow, you really need to first have a vision, which you should then plan ahead for and eventually, move from your confines; because they either cause stagnation or hinder your growth. Most times, your confines may seem so comfortable or just enough for you.

But to grow, you need to venture out of your comfort zone; you need to create that extra room for growth.

It might happen that when you create that extra room, there’s nothing to fill it just yet, and you feel like it’s too much or it’s a waste of resource. For instance, if you move to from an SQ to a one/two bed roomed apartment, it might feel empty, because the furniture that was in the SQ was just enough for that space, especially if it’s still just you, no brood. You might even start wondering why you even moved in the 1st place, while you could have just lived on with your tiny SQ.

We are usually accustomed to chasing the opportunity, then adjusting to it once we grab it. However, when you create that extra room for growth, you give opportunity the chance to meet you. Even better, it meets you ready so that you’re able to accommodate & exploit it better. And then move to your next course of action.

Happy Hump Day!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*