A Chit Chat With My 13 Year Old Self.

Wassup Mercy,

I am so  glad to be given the privilege to give you sneak preview of how life after 13 will be. First, welcome to teenage-hood, you can now move from Sunday School to the Teens.

You have finished primary school and now you are on the next 4 of 8.4.4 which quite crucial in your life. The grade you get in K.C.S.E is quite a big deal because it’s the entry point to many places. As a result, concentrate on books. Be very good friends with your desk-mate (Gladys Vaati, who was the brightest) read read read. If you don’t like a subject do not select it because you have been told that it’ll get you to campus e.g Physics, drop it and do something like Social Ethics, you will not need physics in future. That will boost your B grade to say a B+. You will also become a House Captain so beware, try to obey the rules so that when you become a prefect it won’t be hard on you. Enjoy high school and the friends you have there, it only comes once in a life time. You will miss them later in life.

Don’t stress with you English teacher, when she puts for you less marks in your compositions and literature just be easy. And try to do better next time,you will perform well in K.C.S.E. You never know one day something called a blog will come up and you can write whatever you like in any order without any English teacher grading you.

Mum and Dad will be on your nerve every holiday telling you how you should read and avoid boys and being here, there and everywhere meeting friends. Listen to them because they know what they are saying. Don’t have sleepless nights crying how they don’t want you to have friends and how they want to make your life boring. All they want is the best for you.

Don’t even bother thinking of those boys who will cross your path between 13-17 because when you grow older you will not even remember they existed. Always keep your principles no matter how stupid they sound, they come in handy when you are older.

You will be your baby sister’s role model, so be a good one. She will always look up to you and copy what you do. Love her with all your heart, she’s the only sibbling you got and she’s so amazing. Stop wishing for a big brother already because you will never have one, but you can force your cousins to act big brothers…lol

Eat all you want because you will not grow fat, your small body size and young innocent face will remain, nothing will change much so take full advantage. Always be you and never pretend to make other people happy, if they love you for who you are then they are your true friends, if they don’t just move on swiftly.

Don’t worry about being cool and having a clique because that’s not you, coolness comes naturally for you…hehe and you don’t need a group of friends to define who you are, you are your own person. Keep your style because it’s unique.

Listen to dad, he says “Don’t be like a sheep following the rest of the flock.” He means don’t do something because the rest are doing it, do it because that is what you want.

Plus never say never, because you will perm your hair and pierce your ears. And many other irrelevant things I can’t mention at your age. Though always take care of youself, there are many wolves out there…hehe

Lastly embrace the name Kawiria as well, it’s a lovely name that means making someone happy, and that’s just who you are. You are very beautiful and have a lovely smile, people say, so let no one make you frown. Okay! Always be kind, polite and learn to take in the relevant things in life and bin the irrelevant ones(they are many). Life has it’s ups and downs but learn to Live, Love and Laugh.

PS: Always be mature about everything : School, Love(relationships) and Life. You will be faced with many different situations, but you need to tackle them maturely. Have self control and know your limits. Some things will come by surprise so that you can toughen up so I won’t tell you everything, but with that, I believe you will have a smooth  transition to teenage-hood.  All the best Kiddo 🙂

I Love You,

Kawiria Rincuni.

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