A Constant Reminder to Enjoy the Process.

I keep reminding myself time and time again that I need to enjoy the process. The process in this case being the paths that I take to realize my goals. You know, enjoy the path that I am currently on, the views on it and the experience of being in it before taking the next turn or the next leap. Although I feel like when I use the term goals, it seems like such a stern term. I’d prefer to refer to my goals as dreams. I can be serious, I do get serious, like I am serious right now … lol, but if there’s a chance to be a little playful while dealing with serious matters, even better. 


You know dreams as we know them happen pretty much when we’re sleeping. That’s why my favorite time of the day is that moment right before sleep time. Knowing that after a long day I can lay my body on a cozy bed, place my head on a fluffy pillow, snuggle a warm duvet and just let go of myself in a way that I can’t do when I’m awake. That I can relax my mind and let it wander. 


When I’m awake I’m constantly scheming my next step. I’m thinking of what to say or do next. I’m trying to make things work for me and for those around me. I’m worried about whether I am doing it right; and if not what I can do to make it right. I’m trying to finish up things that are unfinished. I’m trying to patch up the cracks and tie loose ends. I’m trying to get innovative and do things that are not yet done. I’m just moving and not stopping, because life dictates so. And in the midst of it all, I still find a moment to still day dream about the things that I want to accomplish.


But it’s better when you’re legit sleeping because you can visualize your dreams in Technicolor. You can create imaginary vision boards and paint a mental picture of where you to be – where want to work, who you want to work with, where you want to live, how you want to live, where you want to go on holiday, who you want to be with. Pinterest has nothing this. Dreams are free and they give you the freedom to create and imagine that which you desire. The limitations are for a moment thrown out of the window. Not the amount of money in your bank account, not even the struggles you go through on a daily to exist and not even the fact that you’re on your own can stop you.


It’s only when wake up and try to physically reach out those for things that you dream about that you realize that it doesn’t stop at dreaming, because a dream is just what it is, a dream. And there are many things you dream about and as unrealistic as they sound or seem when your eyes are closed and your mind is relaxed, you truly believe in them and you feel that they just need to come true for your happiness. Therefore, you need to get up and get doing for it to come to be.


It never hurts to dream, if anything it’s the sweetest feeling. What hurts is when you believe in that dream, but you’re unable to pursue the path that enables it to come true. That you’re unable to experience the process that leads you to your dream and so you don’t have to story to tell. The process is the story. It’s the tearjerker and the source of the LOL moments in the near future. It might not be enjoyable at that moment, like in terms of a feel good. I mean when you talk of when you were so broke that you had to make certain sacrifices, when you were so heartbroken you couldn’t take anymore, when you were unwell, when you were so frustrated, when you felt so stagnated in your life you wanted something or someone to give you a nudge to get you going, when you were dying for a change and nothing was forthcoming. There’s so much happening today that you can’t be numb to because it’s a part of your transformation.


So I constantly remind myself that whatever I’m going through at any one point is the process and the next turn or the next step I take is the progress I am making towards realizing my dreams, which also keep evolving as I grow. That I should respect it and appreciate where it’s taking me. So that I am able to embrace my dreams when they come to be, because of the effort and the creativity I put in the process that got me there. 

You will learn to enjoy the process… and to surrender your need to control the result. You will discover the joy of practicing your creativity. The process, not the product, will become your focus.

Julie Cameron

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*