A Rainbow State of Mind.

I saw the rainbow and it got me really excited. I always miss out on this opportunity. It reminded me of the rainbow story. You know the one with the golden pot at the end of the rainbow. I believe it, don’t judge now. We just need to figure where the end is, because I need to be there. It’s the colors that get me, the yellow & orange and how they stand out but still blend in with the rest. I don’t know how God did it, but he sure did it good. Of nature and its coolness. Just when I was about to appreciate it of course through a photo (which I would have posted on Instagram), I couldn’t get a clear shot. Then it slowly faded away and bam! No more rainbow. My life went back to normal. Not that normal is not exciting (maybe not so, just a wee bit), but there was that “return to normal state” feeling.

The state of the mind, very powerful. How one moment you can be excited because of the pomp and color in your life and the next minute you’re torn down because of the gloom & dullness in your life. It’s a rat-trap. The only thing that remains constant is you, your mind will always play tricks. Like the weather, one time it’s warm and sunny, then all over sudden it’s cold and rainy. Amidst all that confusion, the rainbow smiles at you with so much color it makes you indifferent to what’s actually happening. For a moment, you forget whether it was sunny or rainy, because the rainbow distracts you. That could be the trick.


Know when to let out your rainbow, when you’re caught in between the two worlds. I know we’re human and it’s almost impossible to control your state of mind, but if the weather can do it, sure we can too. Your rainbow would be that thing that makes your insides smile even when your outside isn’t cooperating. Find it.

Happy Friday Lovelies. Lots of rainbows your way today and always!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*