Antsy About Ants

Hey, little ant, down in that crack
Can you see me?  Can you talk back?
See my shoe, can you see that?
Well, now it’s gonna squish you flat!

A couple of times I have found myself having a Horton’s moment in my house. It’s the one thing that’s really fascinated me of late. Not that I hadn’t noticed them earlier, just that now I totally have to do something about it or I could get home and find new developments. A mid my eating stints I end up dropping some crumbs of whatever it is or forget to tighten the sugar jar at first not knowing that those actions would call for some uninvited guest … Mr and Mrs. Ant with their children and extended family. The dynamics of how they work is what just gets me staring down at them.

It could make me start a research on ants just to figure them out. There’s a day I think I watched them for close to 10mins as they tried to transport a crumb from source *where the crumb was* to destination *I don’t know where*. Busy as they go on about their business even if they’re trespassing someone else’s ground. Times I wave or put a shadow over them just to see if they’ll be scared off like other insects but no, not this tiny creatures. Unless they are blind or are just too focused on the goal, I don’t get how they aren’t woo’ed off by my gigantic self.

As I was watching, they would help each other move the crumb slowly and surely, it’s like they all knew the role to play. Who stands back, who gets involved. And thanks to watching many animations,  I was even imagining them having conversation. The things I picked up is that they are tiny creatures with so much confidence. The work could look big and difficult but they just start with a little crumb and the next thing you know they have an anthill. Even when you kill some or try to interfere with their path, the rest stay put and continue doing what they were doing. They have strong senses and once they identify or spot an opportunity they work on it as a team. You would never find an ant going solo, because they know the importance of other ants.

Then there’s this other group of ants. The ones that would go round and round aimlessly, they’re not rushing for any crumbs. They are usually on a solo mission to nothing but just running around, willy-nilly … they are the ones that that got us coining that phrase “ants in my pants”.  They head in one direction, put on the brakes, then randomly change direction and double-back to end up exactly where they began. You know the kind that look busy but busy doing nothing.

Now if only we humans, could learn a little from this creatures that can make you quite antsy. The way they manage to achieve much, as little as they are and with the little that they have.

If there is any one creature tipped to take over the earth after man’s demise, it is the ant.

Definitely, I think they are the only one’s that could fit into our shoes quite well and without much struggle. There’s quite a bit to emulate from them already and they are just but mere insects (are they even insects…lol). We should never be afraid to start with the little we have, it could be money, knowledge, ability. The big things in life should not scare us of what our main goal is, no matter what happens mid way, we should be able to pick ourselves up and continue with the path to our ultimate goal. It doesn’t matter if it looks sketchy or hazy, as long as there’s something we are working towards. So that you are not uselessly collecting crumbs, in our case it would be investing whatever it is, it could be money, property, emotions for nothing or towards nothing because then it won’t all make sense. Also, you can not do it all by yourself. To build a dynasty, you need others and others need you.

A big no no for the “ants in my pants” kind. That just gets you squished flat by life (the same way we squish ants found in the wrong place) and you wouldn’t want that. Going round in circles isn’t a nice feel, because you feel lost, without direction and you get to accomplish nothing at any given time.

Quote of the day

Never limit your learning, even when it has to come from ants 🙂 Have a good evening my people!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*