Anxiety = Wait (Did I + What If)

Anx·ious : Experiencing worry, unease, or nervousness, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome // Causing or characterized by worry or nervousness // Wanting something very much, typically with a feeling of unease.

Don’t you hate that imaginary monster also known as Anxiety. It just stupidly clouds your thoughts, actions and person as a whole. Like really why do human beings *read someone like me* have to be anxious about stuff.

Actually lets say, as much as I try to be an optimist … yes, I believe I am one (don’t burst my beautiful bubble in case you think otherwise). Although sometimes I tend to think of the worst outcomes given a certain scenario. So that maybe I do not get disappointed if the worst happens, or so that I can have something to be completely happy and overjoyed about if it turns out good.

Do you ever think that if you are too optimistic about something you end up Jinx’ing yourself – I do think like that sometimes,ok all the time so that of someone asks me how something I’m expecting is, I’d go like, “Not bad , Am not so sure really, I’m hoping for the best” but deep inside somewhere you know it was your best, and you want the best out of it.

Maybe I thought if I write I would be less anxious and maybe I will get consolation that I’m not the only one who gets anxious about stuff…that it’s a very normal thing that normal people experience.

Anxiety makes you zone off, and makes you start thinking about things that you shouldn’t be thinking about … Let me give an example then maybe you’ll understand what I’m trying to say:

  • For example you’ve done exams and the results are supposed to be out in a weeks time. Then you start thinking how it is you were answering the questions? Did you do the correct things i.e correct answers? Did you meet the examiners expectation? Did you answer them in a way that when they read or hear they’ll be able to understand what you were trying to say?
  • Then you go ahead and continue thinking … Ok, What if I fail? What if I don’t do as well as I had expected, What will happen? *sigh*, What if the examiners just don’t like your name or they are marking your exam when they are in a lousy mood?
  • If it’s a presentation with an external client who you want to partner with , or you want to sell your products to. Then you think about it, and it goes like; What if the presentation was boring and did not convince the client? What if they decline our proposal? Did we even make an impact there? Did we outdo our competitors?

Why Don’t we think happy thought’s when anxious? It’s always negative. And why in the first place do we even think about such stuff, while we can go ahead with life and have many other relevant thoughts as we wait *read anxiously*.

  • The exam went well. Most of the questions that came are things that I had read and I’m pretty sure I will do well. I will pass with flying colors. My lecturer was great, I know he will understand what I wrote and mark for me well… Even probably give me extra marks.
  • The presentation went well and the client loved the product, they should be getting back to us with positive results soon. We hit the jack pot right there, I could see the client nodding in agreement. Good stuff.

Wow, now if we all used to think that way, when anxious wouldn’t that be AWESOME. Life would be much much easier. The chain of thoughts that come up as you wait for something that will make an impact in your life can be quite the disturbing kind, they take you to a place in your mind you never thought to think *if that makes sense*.

Anxiety is like a wave … You think so high about yourself, then all over sudden you start thinking very low about yourself … and once you start getting back to normal thoughts, another stupid thought triggers you and you are back to the high or low thoughts of yourself and your position.

How does someone get rid of anxious thoughts? If only there was a guarantee that if you think positive, You will always get positive results, then that would be so easy. Because I think the reason we are anxious of the unknown or uncertain outcome is because we are scared of disappointments, we fear failures, or to be told we are not capable of performing and so on.

I would have said getting something to distract you, but clearly been there, done that! And a distraction is NOTHING close to the answer. The mind is a very powerful element, it works even when you don’t want it to, even when it’s not supposed to. So trying to distract it would be more like smuggling daybreak past a rooster…which is rather not possible.

So is this anxiety something someone lives with? If not how do you regulate it? *YIKES* Anxiety can make something look pretty twisted even when it’s something easy. Because most of the things in life could come in either of the 3’s : – Just like when God is answering your prayers … YES, NO and *the most dreaded* WAIT (=anxious).

Why did he put Wait? Was it to make us suffer? or Do you think it was to actually test and see which of the two we deserve YES or NO. And why didn’t he ensure that we forget about what it is we are expecting or waiting for during that period in which we have to wait. In that, it’s off our chest and mind, until a valid decision is reached upon, then he opens our mind to that when we are receiving the answer.

That’s just but a wish!


Anxiety is the rust of life, destroying its brightness and weakening its power. A childlike and abiding trust in Providence is its best preventive and remedy.” ~~~ Unknown Author

Prov·i·dence : Care or preparation in advance, foresight // The care, guardianship, and control exercised by a deity // God

PS: That quote could just be the answer …. HAVE A LOVELY DAY MY PEOPLE’S!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*