Aspire Fitness: After the Break and Snacking.

No lie, I have missed my fitness classes and my trainer too. It had been almost three weeks of honeymooning, which really means, a lot of chilling and eating; then now back to work and the usual routine; and of course my body has gone back to relax mode. I’ve forgotten how it feels to go down for push up or plank, or lift a weight. All I remember from a far distant is that it requires a lot of energy and willpower … and truth be told, I am so dreading it.

Well, I had a couple of you ask me whether I was doing the fitness thing for the wedding. Well, maybe, I kid, but now that the wedding came and went, thank goodness, the true test is here. Oh and should you know that the dress fit perfectly, because my designer (has a nice twist to it), Nkatha Kiruki did an amazing job with that dress (will share the pictures soon). She even accommodated the changes, you know toned arms and all, ha ha, not kidding. But my trainer worked on my arms, and a bit of my tummy – Eh! that honeymoon was her way of convincing me to get down, I don’t know what she’ll be using now. With all that energy, I managed to keep up with the youth and danced, all day and all night, I think the hubby thought I was on steroids. But the days that followed we were totally knocked out, literally.

The one problem that I have had though throughout on and off my fitness journey is, eating. Mainly because I am of both worlds. At one point, I’m a poor feeder and another, I’m quite the active feeder, just depends on the situation I am in. For instance, when I am really hungry, I’ll just dig right in, and eat, sometimes a lot – most people think I eat a lot because they interact with me when I’m in this state. But when I am working or just occupied doing something mind-tasking, I can very easily go without eating. And it’s not because I’m not hungry, it’s because when my mind is on an overdrive, it doesn’t communicate to my stomach. If I was directly talking to you, I would say, “don’t laugh, it’s a true story.” I don’t know if this happens to anyone else or it’s my thing.

Like whenever I’m on leave and the house-help finds me in the house, having woken up and doing my stuff, she would do her work around the house and when lunch time comes, she serves her food and eats, like a normal human being. But at one point she must have realized that this girl looks like she never has plans to eat lunch and so she started serving me some while she serves hers. After doing this for a while, one time she asks me, “and why don’t you eat?” and I’m like, “I do, I just forget.” …direct translation.

Yes, I am one of those people that forget to eat when my brain is on overdrive, and so I have to literally remind and drag myself off the seat to go look for something to snack on or eat, because I want to stay healthy. It’s said that, “the pure act of eating and digesting increases your resting metabolic rate – the number of calories your body burns just to support basic functions like thinking, breathing, and talking.”


So of late, I have been thinking it would be wise to pick up a healthy snacking habit i.e. nuts, vegetables, fruits, et al., especially now that I am doing some fitness training. I mean, I want to be fit and toned, but definitely not thin. So I need to make sure that I respect my stomach, at least give it some teasers before the main meals, maybe a little snacking will activate the part of my brain that insists on, “it’s time to go have some real food now.”

I have many questions for you; Do you believe in snacking? No, Okay let’s stop there. Yes, what do you snack on? Do you think snacking all day helps you create some balance during your meals times – so that you’re neither too hungry or too full? I’ll try and let you know if it helps.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*