Aspiring Fitness.

Anytime I have expressed my desire to do exercise to my friends, the one question I’m always asked is, “you’re small, why are you trying to lose weight?” or “are you trying to fit into your dress?” I know we all get some reactions based on what people think you need or don’t need. Some people might say that you need more exercise than others because you’re ‘chunkier’, while others might say that need you need less or no exercise because you’re ‘skinny’. And yet in essence we all do – regardless of your body weight.

Aspiring Fitness

It’s important to note that, it’s one thing to be petite/slender and it’s another thing to be fit. And the two are completely unrelated if you asked me. An easy test, which I use on myself could be, “what do you feel when you climb a steep road or a flight of stairs?” Do you feel like you could just collapse right after? Or do you need some time to hold your breath first before you do anything else? And that’s the clearest sign that our insides are crying foul; from the food we eat, to zero or no movement. We’re really to blame because we’ve made that our lifestyle.

We all have different goals when it comes to exercise, while one might actually want to shed some weight, another may just want to keep fit or perhaps get a little toned. Some firm arms, thighs, and abs wouldn’t hurt now, would they? The day I met the personal trainer, Sam Njenga of Aspire Fitness I got challenged and inspired to do something that’ll make a difference in my lifestyle.

Truth be told, we have too much in our plates to think of committing to going to the gym or sparing a moment to work out – work, school, family, friends… and resting… the list of things to do and places to go goes on. And somehow we manage to slot in some time for each of those things – it’s a matter of prioritizing. It’s actually quite a challenge trying to make time for everything, but when you know what you want to achieve in the long run, you figure out what will get you there and you add it to your list and you make it a priority. You cheerfully spare some time and money for that activity, as tough as it may seem.

I believe it gets slightly easier when it becomes your common practice. I’d love ‘doing a work out’ to be something I can’t go a week (and then a day) without doing, I would love for it to be routine. Because all a work out needs is just 1hr of your 24hrs, commitment and discipline – which sometimes is rather lacking. For now, it feels like a task, but I tell myself, it’s the same way, I invest my time and money in going for coffee with my friends, going out for a drink, or just relaxing to read a book, or watch a movie.

If you’re like me, a good place to start would be to call Sam and have a chat with him, you might just get inspired as I was to aspire for fitness, but most of all, make it a part of my lifestyle. Plus I need company, especially people to share the aching muscles rants with.

The Aspire Fitness Studio is located at 67, General Mathenge, next to Auto Express, Opposite Kwacha Hse, Westlands. Tel: 020 4343430 | Cell: +254 713 356 169 | Email: | Website: Thank me later!

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