Back From My Hiatus *Exams*

Okay it’s been a minute since I blogged thanks to having something they call Exams…like seriously, I think the person who came up with Education, Exams was just a sadist who wanted to see people suffer studying and trying to cram or remember what they’ve learned.

Have you ever though of exams as this evil thing or monster, that is looking at you as you gnash your teeth, jog your memory and chew your biro pen cap…it’s just having that evil grin…saying “Let that paper butcher her”

While you on the other hand want to run away for your dear life or, just scream off the exam room when they bring you some awkward questions that your lecturer has never even mentioned.

Lemmi get all educational as one of my lecturers said that exams are actually a very good thing #YeahRight that its a way of monitoring and evaluating the course and the lecturer so as to know if the school has actually met it’s goals. If throughout the semester the lecturer was actually doing his work and imparting knowledge to the students…as a result the exam is a form of assessment of the quality of work.

I know you are thinking what the hell has gotten into this girl…lol, well my mind has been literally in books and more books but it’s about time I know gave myself a break. *YaaaY* as in I’m actually done with my post-graduate okay except a pending project which is not an issue at least it’s not an exam, my masters will now take a hold…I need to enjoy life outside books.

Oh yesterday I had my lucky stars shinning on me….So i’m just praying the best opportunity pops itself up… because some of them are tricky tricky. God Help! That’s a story for another day….so at least you’ll have something to look forward to :p

So I came across this *Haki Yetu*Poster and it actually does make sense…The only thing some activists from the public universities running down the streets uttering this sentiments:

Also the “Green Belt Movement” could use this…hehe seeing as we are conserving the environment. HEHE!

HAVE A LOVELY EVENING Y’LL. Feels nice to be back from my hiatus.

Signing Off — *Kawi*