Be Your Beautiful Self.

Since time in memorial ‘beauty’ has been that thing. You know that word you look at but the first thing you associate is ‘models’. When you think of beauty, you think of some model strutting on the run way. The society has set standards on how beauty should look or even how it should feel, it’s the going to the shop in the fancy shops in the malls and getting yourself what’s trending – swanky clothes, sky-high shoes, and concealing make up.

So when we don’t look or feel that way, we think we’re rather average. We over analyze and judge ourselves so harshly because we haven’t met those standards. I mean you don’t have a thin face with defined features, you’re not tall enough, you’re not slender enough and your hair is not straight or long enough. Then to top it up, your finances probably don’t allow you to walk into that shop and get everything that will make you feel like you’re with it.

On the flip side, that’s not what beauty is about. Beauty is not a standard that has been set by some board somewhere. Beauty is what you think and feel about yourself. Beauty is accepting yourself just as you are and working with that. Appreciating your flaws and imperfection, and yes, of course, it’s easy said than done. But we still need to do it.

Beauty is a state of mind. That’s why today you can wake up feeling on top of the world and with all the confidence one could gather. Then the next day, you want to sit in a corner and not be seen, self-esteem is negative. It could be cause of that pimple that’s appeared prominently in the middle of your forehead overnight, or your uncooperative hair or you just can’t find clothes to match your mood.

Inspired by a series of Dove videos. Their #ChooseBeauty ad shows that beauty has a direct impact on our confidence and self-esteem. So it’s necessary that we see it for what it is and not the perception that’s been created by the society. Also for us to know that beauty is not complex, it’s simple. Don’t stress!

An addition to my favorite items, Suave back pack. And my happy accessory, current mood!

Be your beautiful self. Stay beautiful, think beautiful and you’ll be that fun person to hang around, it has an effect on your aura.

Happy Friday Loves!

Signing Off ~~~*Kawi*