Beautiful Friday

Thank God It’s Friday! Such a beautiful one this one, complaints zilch! October should just be a breezy month, crossing fingers to the heavens.



Random Thoughts

Realized long time ago just that it recurred in a different scenario, that if you have a friend(s) who talk bad about others when with you, then chances are that when they’re with others they definitely don’t shed your name in good light. So just be ware of the people you surround yourself with.

Also, don’t compare yourself with others, you are you, they are them. You can use their stories to be an encouragement or a motivation for you but your life’s are different, that’s just what it is. On the same note, not everyone is proud or happy of your achievements. Rejoice with those who are happy for you, and for those who don’t, I mean, still rejoice. Such is life maen!

Clearly this one here is my therapy. Where you say and feel like it’s been heard, it’s like shouting at the rooftop. The beauty of life!

I’m Feeling

Hoping the rays of sunshine reach out to you! Trust me to abuse the collage thing.


This Weekend

Around and about, not a scheduled plan in place. I think from my weekend trends, I’m not quite the planner. Another category that should go down. Thinking of a suitable replacement.

I’m Craving

My colleague has told us about this wild chef. Yaaani … finger licking, tongue wagging, saliva drooling cuisines. He makes you want to get to your kitchen and start trying out the random recipes. Ps: He has classes for all that stuff, where you and your girls pay a certain amount then he comes to one of your houses and you cook a couple of dishes as you learn. The best part is that you can cook as much and he makes sure to tell you, “not to forget your doggy bags”. Good news? No? Yes of course, and I’ve done my good deed of the day.

So girls, girls, girls who wants to do this?…lol could do with some extra cooking skills. I think it’s about time I started cooking things out of the ordinary.


Songs of the Week

Can you believe I really don’t have one *wails* I can’t listen to the new stuff because ummm! Anything that says “entertainment” is blocked. So as usual am just relying on my iPod and it’s just the usual stuff, a lot or rock and pop, a bit of riddims, locals. Someone say depressing, but oh well still surviving, haven’t lost it.

Maybe I should get rid of this section all together, maybe is the word. Let’s see if I can beat my way into the system, if not, it goes. Saved, just got to listen to Solange – Losing You. Not bad huh, and the fashion sense is quite daring…eeh one day! lol

I Want and Pray

Thanking God for keeping my family and friends, safe, healthy and giving them more reasons to smile day in day out. That’s all I want for them, they make life pretty beautiful!

Quote Of The Week


To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*.