BEHIND THE MASK *Internet Life ≠ Real Life*

I made this observation not so long time ago. There’s the real life, then there is the internet life. Maybe I should do a brief definition of what I actually mean by those two types of life to be exact. So that at least we can be on the same page.

Real Life – Who you really are, when socializing with real people who you can see, that you have probably met and know how they are.

Internet Life – Who you are when behind your computer typing away on the keyboard, when typing the key pad of your phone, when no one else can see you, when no one knows who you are, when you act out the kind of person you would want to be in the real life but can’t be – The person behind the Mask.

The reason I even decided to write about this is because… actually let me first ask two questions?

  1. Have you ever met someone who is your internet friend? You chat with them, you have seen their pictures and all. And you decide to do a meet up?
  2. What was the result of the meet up?
  • Were you excited and happy?
  • Were you surprised and perplexed?
  • Did you feel like you were short-changed because the person you met ≠ to the person you were socializing with?

I wish we were doing a form of discussion, then I would get to hear people stories…Most of the ones I’ve heard are SUPER HILARIOUS. The thing with the Internet Life is that you can go the extreme, you can google, put up pictures that totally bring out who you are not, you can just not be you. But in real life you don’t have a choice…you’ve just got to be you

(There’s room for pretence in real life, but there are some you just can’t..If you are shy, you are shy…unless you’re high on something, if you’re short/tall, then you are…unless you take the shrinking pills like in cartoons, if you are black/white, you are that).

I shall not deny, I love Social Networks…like really, the “people” and people in there, can really make your day interesting…They are all out of this world. Majority of them are cool, interesting, funny, hilarious, intelligent… have perfect responses to difficult/confusing situations. Chances of getting stuck intellectually when you are on a social network are slim.

The is a reason they are called Social Networks, they HELP in socializing…that’s just one aspect of your life. The social aspect of it. There are many other things in life and the mistake we do is look for them in the Social Networks. And that’s where I would say that Internet Life ≠ Real Life

People go look for Life in the Internet … Acceptance, Security, Purpose, Fulfillment, Happiness, Love, Solace … Well just to burst your bubble, that’s the wrong place because for sure you will find all that…and an extra bag of chips to top it up. The Internet never lacks anything. It’s a synonym for China. I have never gone to China, but I hear “ask and you shall be given – bootleg, comes in high , average and low quality”

Basically, Internet Life is a fake. As long as you’re transmitting anything over the Internet there’s always an exaggerated version of you *Believe it or not*. The only time Internet Life = Real Life is when there is a Meet Up. When you see the real person behind that computer or the person behind the mask.

The pictures, the information on internet can all be altered. The pictures could be photoshoped…the picture can make one perceive you as tall while you are short, information you give can make one think you are super outgoing while on the other hand you are shy and introvert… You get my point I know.

Meetup’s as much as they don’t tell you the whole truth, at least reveal a small part of the real person. It eliminates the thought of you being a bot (robot) or a fake. I always get surprised at how different a person can be on the internet from the real life and that’s the reason why I came up with this post.

Today’s Advice:

Keep Internet Life and Real Life Separate, in case you have to mix them  up, meet-up with the Real People. And don’t look for Life in the internet because it’s Life-Less!


Signing Off — *Kawi*