Best Friend Things.

9th January, whoopsie, hope am not too late. Looks like the new year came with so much on my plate, that blogging came off for a moment there as luxury. Chasing up deadlines as with regards to my school thesis, am the last-minute kind of person but I’ve been meaning to change that about me. I think am getting too old *cough* to deal with that pressure, plus the so much at stake here, so I can’t take chances with being the extreme last-minute person that I once was.

Then there’s work, which at the moment is all kinds of depressing for me. I know, it’s probably just for the moment because of a task I’m expected to do *cringe* among other related things, it’s all rosy with the thorns pricking. Some fun aspect popped up out of the blues which is awesome, like a light in the middle of the tunnel. Let’s see how it all goes. Meeh! Such is work though, trying to be positive here *woooosaaah*. Besides that life is doing me good, other aspects of it are at the least tip-top.

The other day we were talking with a friend about the “best friend” concept. I know the best friend word has been thrown around but there are some people who actually live up to it and I’m most definitely not one of them. Though, I would have or since I’ve not, I would love to be a good “best” friend to someone. I can’t say it’s because I do not have friends, I actually have a couple who I could have as a best friend, just that the process of keeping has to involve so much commitment, communication, opening up and trust.

By this I don’t mean your spouse (partner/boyfriend/husband/wife/girlfriend) of course those by default are your besties because you connect in all those ways. I’m talking about just a friend who you touch base on almost everything that’s going in your life. If you’re happy, you call to say how happy you are, if you’re depressed they give you a shoulder to cry on and you say whatever it is without a second doubt that it will be the new news in town.

An excerpt from our said conversation went something like this:

Kawi: I find it so cool when guys have a person they call all the time when something pops up, good or bad ( that’s because she has that kind of friend and I find it cool how they do their thing, calling each other almost always, being open with each other, being there for each other and so on)

Friend: You actually don’t have someone you do that with?

Kawi: No. I just really suck at communication you know the frequent texting or calling, am not that open…

Friend: Like seriously O_O so who do you talk to?

Kawi: No one really, myself. I have friends for different things, mostly happy things. But no one I share with the whole package.


Friend: Gosh, as in no one. (then she thinks and goes like) But you’re close to your boyfriend…lol

Kawi: Well, yeah I guess. Actually he’s the one who gets the fair part of what goes on in my life.

Friend: It’s nice to have someone to tell stuff, of course other than your boyfriend, I mean a girlfriend who understands you and would be there for you through it all.

Kawi: … (conversation continues on to other things)…

Well, haven’t found someone who I’d feel comfortable going all “this is what’s going on with me at the moment” with or so I think. It all happens in my head where I try to sort it out all by myself with no one else’s advice or explanations, it’s easier. But then I got thinking, crap, maybe just maybe, you actually need someone like that. One could go crazy when you keep all things to yourself, you know, like having conversations with yourself crazy. Problem is that today coming across someone who’s genuinely nice and wants good things for you, you know, someone you can trust, at least try be open with, understand you and vice versa without looking at you from the sidelines is not quite an easy one. Maybe am way past that age of acquiring such a friend or maybe I have but am still too skeptical or not to sure how to go about it? Yeah, laugh at me, am also thinking it kind of sounds funny, but really.

Do you have a friend like that? Do you think it’s too late to get one that kind? When did you find your best friend(s) or what was the differentiating factor from the rest of your friends?

Best Friend
A friend accepts us as we are yet helps us to be what we should.

If you have answers to all these, you need to tell-a-tale to some of us. Maybe we can learn a thing two. If you don’t, we still have hope right? At least we’ve realized there’s a void, good start. Super day comrades!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*