Blogging101: 10 Lessons Learnt.

Blogging for me started as a joke. Let’s say, peer pressure from friends who thought that I should share my thoughts with others in form of writing. It was very random, to the extent that we came up with the name over lunch. Anyway, my confidence to write was at Zero or worse yet negative. I will completely blame my English teachers all through my 8.4.4 that made me think I can’t write. Nowadays, blogging is one of my favorite hobbies. Mainly because no-one forces me to use similes or proverbs or a start or ending to a story for me to continue. That sucked big time! It made me hate compositions and languages, too many rules!

So @mrsmwiti tagged me. First let me do a happy dance, because she tagged me. You know those guys who are your *digital* undercover role models, but I’m not saying it out loud.

10 is many, but here goes what my I feel would be my “Blogging101” would contain since I started blogging a year ago *whoop whoop*. I feel a bit achieved.

1. Be Yourself !

A blog is like a friend, the way you would explain to a friend something or tell a tale, is the same way your blog should. It’s a conversation with imaginary people who will either respond by commenting or not. They’ll just laugh and brush it off. Like what you’ve just done.

2. Keep it short and precise, if long make it *mango* juicy!

Don’t say too much because then someone gets bored trying to figure out what the blog is about. However if it’s long add some yumminess into it … like they say “add salt and spice”. Somehow it makes someone be glued to the post, such that, if they leave it in the middle, they will want to come finish it up or they’ll even bookmark it.

3. Images make all the difference!

I’m those kids who used to read a book or even the newspaper because of the images. They say a picture is worth a thousand words … in my world it sure is.

4. WYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You Get”!

Format, Design, Theme and Colors : The human eye is designed in such a way if this three are off, then your brain zones off as well. You will just not enjoy.

Format – Should be neat, readable font and well paragraphed – good format implies organized person.

Design –  Should be clean, clear and not cluttered. If cluttered it will make reading boring.

Theme and color – They go together *like rice and chicken stew*, get a theme that says “this is me”. if you know what I mean.

5. Would I read what I write?

Yeah, sometimes I go back and try to entertain myself with my previous blogs or just see what I wrote in a particular situation. If I can’t read it over again, then there’s a problem.

6. Make it ERUPT *Easy to Read, Understand, Perceive and Trigger

Just as it is. I think when someone blogs they should make it Easy;

To read – this could be through the language used, the font size and color, format as mentioned earlier.

To Understand – Avoid jargon, unless you’re an actual expert *pun intended* writing for actual experts *pun intended again*. Otherwise keep it simple.

To perceive – with a blog, people should be able to understand what you’re talking or better yet writing about, by creating a mental picture.

To trigger – More like to evoke the feelings from your post. Whatever it was about, there should be some reaction you want to trigger. Right?

7. Break Open

This is important, you need to break open your cocoon and let your blog be displayed so that others know you, how you write, your style. It kind of gives you a sense of belonging and when you write, even without looking at who the author is, the readers can know it’s you.

8. Read what others write

Read, read, read! I mean you don’t expect people to be reading what you write while you don’t read theirs. Don’t be stingy with your eyes, even with the least time, one blog a day or week can suffice. They give you pointers sometimes and get you to have an open mind topped up with some extra knowledge since different bloggers write about different things. Basically, you become diverse.

9. It’s never that serious

It’s a blog for pits sake, it’s not an exam or a test or a personal diary, it’s just a blog. A place where you can give your own opinions without interruptions unlike when you’re speaking (entirely my thought!).

Keep your personal life and your blog in two separate places otherwise, blogging will become a task, then at some point a burden, which will eventually make your life miserable .

10. Express yourself, It’s all yours!

You choose what you want to write. Go ahead and do it without fear nor favor as long as you’re not stepping on anyone’s toes. For me, blogging is kind of therapeutic, it makes me feel really good especially once I click “Publish”. I know that’s pretty weird, but don’t mind me.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*