Book Review: Living In Your Top 1% By Alissa Finerman.

I once said I don’t like Motivational books. Not that I do now, there’s always an exception. I don’t like the way the author tells me how to lead my life based on how they have lived or others have lived. I think everyone needs to be given a chance to chart their own path. Because what works for one person, might not necessarily work for another. Just because Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of college, doesn’t mean if I did the same, I would own the next social empire. Or if I did this like this person, I would be just as successful as they are. Unfortunately, life just doesn’t work that way, it’s not a copy and paste kind of affair.

I am a firm believer of everything has it’s time and season. That things happen for a reason, but things don’t happen while you sit doing nothing but waiting. They happen when you’re up and about working towards your goals. You need to have goals and ambitions – you know something that makes you wake up every day knowing this is what I’m going for. Something that you look forward to doing, because it will make you feel fulfilled. Something that makes you put some internal pressure on yourself, when you’re not on it.

“And that something, could be anything. As long as it means everything to you.”

At your special time and in your season, your goals will be realized, your ambitions will be reached. But you don’t stop there, because with every milestone achieved, comes more expectations – especially for yourself. What others expect from you is secondary. I just finished reading “LIVING IN YOUR TOP 1% – Nine Essential Rituals to Achieve Your Ultimate Life Goals” by Alissa Finerman. Every time I flipped the pages, it felt like a breath of fresh air. A breath of fresh information. A breath that brought about a flood of thoughts and challenges.

Alissa Finerman, Book Review, Living Your Top 1%

It was until I read this book that I thought, maybe motivational books aren’t so bad after all. But truth be told, the title is what kept me off the book for about 2 years. I got it as a gift from my cousin (via my mum when she had traveled), and it sat on my book shelf looking pretty. Then one day after as I dusted and arranged the books, I felt “I actually want to live in my top 1%”, whatever that meant. For the weeks following, the book made some amazing company – in the evenings, while in transit, when I get to the office earlier than usual. It basically breaks down the nine rituals that you need to better evaluate what’s important to you and make the best decisions based on your strengths, priorities and goals. They were;

  • RITUAL 1: BE THE CEO OF YOU INC. – Assess YOU INC. on a continuous basis
  • RITUAL 2: EMBRACE A CAN-DO MINDSET – Add the words “I can” to every challenge
  • RITUAL 3: EXCEL WITH YOUR STRENGTHS – Identify and use your key strengths
  • RITUAL 4: GO FOR THE GOAL – Set goals annually and take one small step each day
  • RITUAL 5: THINK WITHOUT OBSTACLES – Visualize the ideal outcome
  • RITUAL 6: LIVE IN YOUR STRETCH ZONE – Move outside your comfort zone
  • RITUAL 7: DRINK A CUP OF RESILIENCE – Rise up in the face of challenges
  • RITUAL 8: PRACTICE THE THREE C’S: CHOICE, COMMITMENT, AND CONSISTENCY – Match your words and actions with your goals
  • RITUAL 9: BRING BALANCE INTO YOUR LIFE  – Make conscious decisions

It made me really asses myself as Kawiria, my life and its nitty-gritties. I still don’t have everything figured out. Actually, the correct statement is, I don’t have so much figured out just yet. I even left a couple of the exercises blank. I was like, “Umm! So what do I fill there?” However, it helped know how to pace myself. How to look at the bigger picture, but break it down into doable tasks. Tasks that won’t necessarily leave me stressed out, but definitely stretched beyond my comfort zone. How to prioritize my tasks in a way that will help me reach my goals. It showed me that my goals don’t have to be so complex – For instance, if I want to write a book in a year. Then I can have a task like; making sure I write at the very least a page every day.

As I read the final chapter the book, the status I chose, is to live my life as a professional. To have passion, commitment, and action on a consistent basis, not just on the days I feel like it. I mean, that’s so amateur.

“It’s not about the results you achieve relative to someone else, but rather exploring the heights of your own true potential” ~ Alissa Finerman

I’d recommend this book any day. To anyone who wants to grow, to think beyond their limits, to expand their mindset and just embrace the idea of possibilities. It’s quite empowering. Look for it, even if it’s on Amazon. Not too sure if sold at TBC or Books First, but you could request for it, I suppose.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*