Bury then Unbury

There are two kind of things in this world, those things that are in your control, then those things that are either beyond or not in your control. If you’re in control, then you’re safe. If it’s beyond your control, you’re in danger. There are two things involved when it’s beyond your control, you either bury it for that moment then work on it later or let go and let be. When you let go and let be you’re in danger. If you bury it for the moment and plan to work on it later, oh well, that’s the best thing to do. Lol was trying to pull a Basket Mouth (you know that famous Nigerian Comedian)move and I’ve sort of failed … not so miserably though.

I experienced that the other day while going around school trying to get some stuff signed to enable me to continue with the last two chapters of my thesis. Lecturers can really de-psyche you when it comes to finding them to give you a signature here or a stamp there. That time you have sneaked out of work to get these stuff done because ideally it’s supposed to be some 15 mins work. Frustrating I tell you. So many times you feel like letting go and letting it be. Then you think, the lecturers won’t chase you around, you have to chase them around. You’re the one who wants to graduate and get a master’s degree ain’t it.

So while in the chase, I met with a random classmate who I don’t even talk to that much except in when in class discussions. Of course with all my frustrations and being very Kenya I give a synopsis of my current hurdle. Ah this school, this lecturers, how do I go about this and that *rant and raves on how crappy all those are*. These guys can make you feel like just giving up on these stuff. The dude goes like, “aaah just that? Just bury it and get back to it next week” me:  “O_O say what?”. That’s the solution to my BIG problem. Considering how distraught I was, I couldn’t even make a sound decision at that point.

That’s what happens to us. Sometimes all we need to do is bury a problem or something we see as a problem then unbury it when we are refreshed. We usually try to solve problems when we’re angry, when we are distraught and end up making poor decisions while we could have gone for a breather then taken it up when we’re cooled down, well rested. I noticed that helps in our decision process. It’s not every-time we’ll be able to solve problems there and then. I’m a sucker for doing that, so when it doesn’t happen I get frustrated. But then again, life doesn’t always allow you to have your way. You have to get accustomed to it and come up with ways of going around it. Which is what my classmate had done. That day, it worked for me. It helped me not to give up on something that just needed a little more time for it to work out.

Easter Cards
Words you could perhaps use during Easter…

ION, Happy Easter good people. What will you be up to this LONG weekend? Don’t tell me travelling because I’m already jealous, for Peep’s sake, I should have been on that road trip. However, I’ll be busy moving houses, settling in and getting used to the newness of the place. I’ll probably boil eggs and hide them to get the Easter feeling. It’s the only weekend I could get to move then manage to relax while at it and have a sweet eggscape. You know cute chicks could do with a little rest. That’s me cracking myself up.

LOL, see what I did there. Thanking God for bigger and better this season. It couldn’t come at a better time. Happy Easter!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*