Busy Bee Friday

Thank God It’s Friday! Days are just flying, the wings story is real. It’s good thing when you’re looking forward to something something, bad thing when you have deadlines to meet, even more frustrating when the deadlines are reaching and you haven’t managed to finish the workload, that’s the story of my week … pressure! That’s supposed to be healthy I guess? I just hope I don’t crack…lol

Random Thoughts

It’s the little things that make the biggest difference. And by little, I mean those things that you think are irrelevant or you probably feel like they won’t make a difference, I mean it’s just nothing but the usual. To you it’s that, to someone else it’s BIG. Giving a helping hand, calling up to check on someone, saying sorry or thanks e.t.c you could just be someones miracle, the reason they smile. So don’t take small for granted. After all little by little you know how that saying goes, I don’t know lol.

I’m Feeling

Friggin’ cold, as in this weather is out to turn us into ice cubes. All the same I am over the roof happy *cheeky grin* come ice-cubes or sun-rays.

This Weekend

One of my besties Vicky is getting hitched the traditional way 🙂 so there’s an engagement party a.k.a the ngurario/ruracio *I don’t know which is which* but where the groom comes to visit the girl and negotiate dowry or is it pay…oh my! I have quite some learning to do. School is getting in the way of this and that’s not in any way cool.

Besides that, whatever I’ll be up to is definitely bound to be fun. I mean you know how we roll…hehe

I’m Craving

I know right, like you wouldn’t believe, I can even taste it *salivates*

Songs of the Week

Kinda explains me right now *swoon* lol

I Want and Pray

Saying thanks for life and life in abundance. I want this semester to just end, the work load, jeez! It’s been tasking and now is when I’m realizing, eeh superwoman much. I pray for my friends, Vicky and Francis to have a breezy engagement party.

For love, light and peace in our relationships, family, friends and country. For my exams which are coming pretty soon (end of month) then I can be smart in choosing my course work next sem, no more Saturday classes *read torture*.

Quote Of The Week

To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*