Change *As Good As A Rest*

“A change is as good as a rest”

Ever come across that saying? It’s not until today that I have actually thought about it and wondered how exactly is change related or synonymous to rest.  So my inquisitive self goes to Google and searches for the aforementioned saying… and the meaning I land on (from the Cambridge dictionary ) … You can get as much good from changing the work you do as from having a rest.

Oh well…even the reason Obama actually became president was due to his teams’ serious advocacy for Change… the slogan being *Change we can believe in*Yes We Can*It’s Time For Change* – everyone wants to hear of something different and change for sure is.

I won’t lie, I’m one of those people who seriously have a slight fear of change (notice,my use for slight is meant to portray me as a hardcore) *beats chest!* I love the thought of change, the planning bit … since it has to do with imagination. I see things big … that’s what optimists do. The implementation is now where the big problem comes in. Especially to do with things that affect me directly.

This actually crossed my minds in the morning … I am those people who have attachments even to small things such as a WordPress theme, my computer…I know that sounds petty, but really. What if Theme Thirteen by Becca crushed. I would probably be frustrated. There are times I’ve gone through the themes and I can’t find from a rough total of 100 themes even one that tickles my fancy.

So I decided you know what, “I’m so changing my theme by force” … yup!! and that’s what I did, I went and searched for a couple, checked out the previews and landed on this current one. As much as black isn’t my color, I was like it looks funky and fresh  so why not try it out. I miss my green — it kinda brings out my bubbly side. Now I am still yet to figure out what blackish gray and red brings out…maybe my *swag* cool and charming side…hehe *don’t burst my bubble*

My other attachment, my office computer was having issues going “ON”…I would take 30 mins in the morning trying to resuscitate it … but I didn’t want to say because they would confiscate it and  I wasn’t comfortable using another computer. It now became too much because some philanthropic person in the office keeps shutting it down because I only log off to avoid morning issues.

A brief calculation of  30 mins of my mornings all added up to one year..whoa!* = waste of precious time* . And I told the techies and voilà new computer … yikes! I’ve done my post on a different computer too as I waited for new installations to be done on mine *computer whoring* … that right there is me trying to overcome that slight fear of change…and as a start, I’m doing great.

Now onto big things,

The thing with change is that one doesn’t know what is in its package.

You are not told what it comes along with. Will it bring more good or bad. No one knows. Yeah we can do an analysis of current trends and so on to predict the future. But again that’s just a prediction. So that at least you don’t dive into the future blindly or so that it doesn’t catch us off-guard.

Did you know one of the biggest reasons for project failures is “FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN aka CHANGE”…yes, maybe when I start doing my masters my thesis should be on that…ok that’s a joke..or yet again maybe not.

Another caricature…I wish I could draw this things..looks like much fun. Maybe I should start interacting with my design software’s at another level lol * I’m at basic level* so that I can stop shopping for images in Google.

Change always has to do with choice, you have to choose to stay where you are or to go ahead and implement that change. Sometimes where you are seems like a comfortable place even when you have a million and one complaints day in day out. With change you don’t know what you are plunging yourself into…it could be a clean pool for all we know or a swamp with sewer water… and that’s what we are all afraid of.

Basically we all want things handed to us in a silver/golden platter … but I doubt change always comes like that…it probably comes either straight up in the platter few times or disguised many at times. That change is inevitable, it could be internal or external. The best though after a though is the change that comes from within because it’s not imposed on you unlike the one that comes from the external forces.

This is where phrases like “I want to change my life”, “I want to change how I do things”, “We need to change our strategies” are coined from or so I think – It’s at this point where we would say a change is like a rest.

The next time an opportunity for change comes up, embrace it, provided it’s something genuine… C.H.A.N.G.E (Choosing Honesty Allows New Growth Eventually) … saw that abb. somewhere.

That’s a lesson to me too, I didn’t know all this before I wrote…and to Oh Ye who are afraid of change…I think from today you have a reason to accept it and conform to it.


It’s a new week, So if something new also comes up it could be the change you’ve been dying for…take it up!


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*