China Utensils and Fragile Hearts

Remember when we were kids and there were special china utensils tucked away in a locked cabinet? With the fear that your butter fingers could have them tumbling down with just one touch. Which was the case anyway. It’s like kids had magical powers, instead of the “midas touch”, it was more like the “break touch”. These utensils would only be unleashed when visitors and I mean important visitors are coming over. This is after you’ve been given the subtle warning that you are not to use those dishes. Just use your usual ones even when the visitors are busy clinking them away with forks, knives and spoons. Thank God my mother wasn’t that kind though. Or maybe it’s because well our plates were ordinary but they looked pretty in the cabinet which was never locked, you could pick whichever tickles your fancy. We also had this ‘bad’ habit of calling dibs on utensils, “That’s my plate/ mug/spoon” because you thought it to be really pretty.

Glass Heart

Sometimes in life we look at things and deem them fragile and you try to keep them away from anyone who has the possibility of breaking them. Not knowing that those things that we look at with so much fragility, have their own inner and outer strength enough to protect themselves.  Not giving them the opportunity to be admired by others or offer their services to people who would really appreciate them or whose presence would make them feel special. Sometimes we lock away the best of ourselves somewhere in our inner cabinets and save that for the people we think deserve our best not knowing that those that we think don’t deserve also do. Expose the best of you to people closest to you because they’re the ones who will appreciate you most. They know how fragile and delicate you are and will treat you as such. Unlike the other people who know and feel like they deserve the best of you but don’t know anything about you.

Basically, given the chance, be the best that you can because that person you’re locking inside and saving for an opportunity to display is dying inside and getting wasted when they could be out there being recognized for who they are, beautiful, delicate but strong to handle anything that comes their way. Ain’t it? And no more hiding china’s in the cabinet, let your children use them, let them have that confidence of using fine things without being instilled that fear of breaking them. Let them break them in case their butter fingers are slippery, punish them a little, and teach them how to handle the fragile things. With that, they’ll learn to respect people and their fragility. They’ll know that they’re also special because they are exposed to the same things that special people are exposed to. Let them know that china utensils can be broken and bought but hearts cannot be re-bought once broken.


You got this

What are you up to over the weekend? Mine’s wedding things, one of my friends is getting married and I am on the line up. It’s been a long time since I was on one, so will definitely let you in on how it goes. Tomorrow is a HOLIDAY, thanks to our Muslim brothers and sisters. This post was done in a hush hush…lol have a blessed day. Work has to be done now. *Excuse me if there’s any grammatical errors, to be corrected.*

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*