Cue’ing In Friday

Thank God It’s Friday! Yes, I learnt how to do something today, was feeling a bit creative. I think I’ve taken it overboard though, but hey! Hail those moments that you find out you can do something that you’ve been wondering how to go about. How Friday is the day that we all wait for eagerly, the extra sleep in’s, the random plans, the freedom e.t.c and every week you get there, we need to thank God for seeing us through the week. I bet that’s the essence of T.G.I.F, in case you were wondering.

Random Thoughts

I used to love taking and being taken photos and no, am no photographer. No Nikon and canon, am on the normal digi-cams bandwagon. But still, capturing moments was my thing. I don’t know where it went, to an extent I feel awkward unleashing my camera during events and  functions … that’s strange. I think I let people’s comments get to me, when they say, “chic you love photos” and instead of actually agreeing that I actually like them (which I undeniably do), I started getting embarrassed. Yeah, some shame shames on my part.

Now, I’m slowly getting back to it, back to my ‘capturing moments’ despite of anyones comments. Yes I’ll take the photos of my food, if I think it’s worth my flash and my documented memory without flinching. Can I hear an Amen!

I’m Feeling

This Weekend

I’m also wondering…

I’m Craving

I am so full right now, am not craving anything per se. However, I really wanted one or two nice jackets. I hear El-nino is coming up, that gives me every possible excuse to indulge and maybe throw in a pair of some hot leather boots.

Songs of the Week

This one is just it! Loreen – Euphoria . You know it’s kind, makes you want to get on top of your desk, lift your hands and do some star jumps what were you thinking?…lol Lovely lovely, you’ve got to listen to it.

I Want and Pray

I want to discover, embrace, know, understand, give, make lots of efforts and get lots and lots of satisfaction. I’m saying my little prayers for you, you and you so that you can get that which you seek.

Quote Of The Week

To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*.