Dear Employers *Thinking Out Aloud*

Disclaimer: This is more of a general overview not personal per se!

No, I wasn’t going to write a letter, I’ll save that for cover letters.

So speaking as any other youth who is interested in development and empowerment, looking to grow career-wise and wants to exercise what they learnt in campus and the little experience gained while working … (since we are now graduates or better yet professionals) in a reputable organization. We have one major hurdle.

I would always go through vacancies on both the dailies and the Internet, we all do look for greener pastures I must say considering the rate at which our economy is growing…*uumm read becoming super expensive and unaffordable*.

This major hurdle happens to be EXPERIENCE. Nowadays that word, that small “11” letter word, when it comes to anything to do  with career totally gives me the creeps. That would be because, a job that perfectly describes what you can do and offer (or bet yet think that you have the ability to do so, I mean qualification, skills all match) … all except that one sentence that reads –  6years or 15years experience needed.

Surely, is my dad the one supposed to be the one applying for this jobs. So what’s left for us youngsters? The ones who have 2 – 3 – 4 – 5years experience? or the ones whose age doesn’t read over 35.

Ps: Everytime i’m sending out my C.V, I look at my age and laugh a bit at myself but assure myself that you shall not judge me by my age.

I do apply anyway … seeing as I have nothing to loose and maybe everything to gain … probably not giving it high hopes. Well the excuse would be the more experience one has, the more bring on the table, the more they know how to deal with certain situations. I will always agree with that …

But our minds are young, we have new ideas. We do see what’s going on, we are the ones who get to hear what the others have to say. We are the one’s who interact with people on the ground. Maybe we should be nourished in such a way that Experience shouldn’t be our hurdle to get into the corporate world.

Thanks to corporates that offer Graduate Trainee opportunities, but that’s like 1 out of 500 in Kenya , and how many educated and “partially” experienced youngsters are we? like millions and millions. And not all of us are cut-out to be entrepreneurs just yet.

So I was just wondering what happens to us? Do we sit on our skills, since we are not given that opportunity or platform to actually show what we can offer (more like our ideas aren’t taken into consideration )or do we just settle for available underpaying jobs that more or less do not provide for any career growth, in the name of getting work experience as well as striving to be over 35 in order to get a managerial job?


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*