Don’t Lose Your Inner Child

Keeping the inner child alive.

I always admire people who still maintain an element of childishness. Life is too serious, too tough, to always take everything personally. A lot of my recent inspiration has come from observing some key traits from my younger days or better yet some young heroes. There are certain qualities that you had as a younger self that could really make adult life much easier.

  • Listen

When you are young obedience and respect go hand in hand. As you get older, obedience becomes something that you need to manage while also making your own decisions. But respect is something that should be maintained no matter your age. Listening is something we don’t appear to do as much, for some reason, we seem to know better in many elements. But do you really take time to understand, appreciate and more so respect someone else’s opinion like you did when you were younger.

Source: Entrepreneur
  • Grit

I love food and I absolutely love different cooking competition shows, but my absolute favorite is Masterchef Junior. In as much as I feel concerned about the competitiveness of today’s society, I really admire the grit some of these kids have. At the age of 10 my time was spent playing outdoors, I would never change that for the world, but the ambition and grit these kids have is really true sportsmanship that many of us can learn from.

  • Forgiveness

One of the hardest things as an adult is constantly dealing with rejection and conflict. Whether it is friendships, colleagues, clients or even relationships. There is a constant need to let go of something someone did or someone didn’t do. I feel that is one of the biggest problems we have in any relationship, we hold onto things for too long. We are always catching feelings, catching feelings about the smallest, simplest things. I admire how our younger selves could just forgive and forget so quickly. It felt so much lighter and just easier to just play it off!

  • Discrimination

If you really pay attention it is not difficult to see that discrimination is really not an innate characteristic but rather nurtured from some other source. Children do not see colour, social background, gender biases or so much more. Most of the comments and perceptions are picked up from others and nurtured throughout life depending on the environment in which they are.

  • Over Thinking

As a child, I was always climbing on trees, windows, roofs… anything daring was done without any thought whatsoever. Now, it seems like every action has some element of intense thought process. What if this happens? What if that happens? Yes it is important to be responsible, but there is also a possibility of just getting lost in analysis paralysis.

  • Recovery

As we get older, our bodies and minds just seem to take so much longer to heal. Any form of recovery just seems to take so much longer. I had the honour of creating awareness about this amazing little girl who has been through 42 sessions of chemotherapy, and she is only 14. Her story, courage and bravery just seemed heroic, and she still wears a smile. What’s our problem as adults? Is it a mindset? Is it that we have so much more stress on our plate that we just struggle to juggle it all. It doesn’t seem justified, we just need to continue fighting for what we want with a smile.

As we start a new month, let’s try and keep the inner child alive. Let’s laugh more, forgive faster, be agile, love purely and recover for our soul. Better yet, play a prank and just make someone laugh or feel loved.