Everyone Needs A Helping Hand.

Never shy away from asking for help, because getting some help doesn’t mean that you’re weak, you’re incapable or that you can’t do it on your own. It just means that you’re acknowledging that in some instances, you can’t do it all and that’s why there are people around you – people with different capabilities that compliment or supplement yours, people who know a little more than you do, and people who are just willing to give you a hand when they’re needed and especially, when you need it.

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That’s my desk mate’s (CW) hand. We received the pretty bracelets from our colleague from a trip she’d done earlier and she’d just given us. CW is so over the moon that I have put her hand on the blog, you’d think I’ve moved mountains for her.

A few days ago, I called up a friend to seek some help, a couple actually. I have been doing that of late, but one struck me. Some help about a few things that I was pursuing and I just wanted to get a feel of their experience since they’d been through it and some background information too. And after getting the information I needed, that friend said,

“Thank you for asking for help, because I know it takes a lot to do so.”

Frankly, it does. By the time someone thinks that they need some assistance, thinks of a person best placed to assist them, and goes ahead to pick their phone, scroll down their contact list and make that initial contact. It takes a lot, mostly because most of us feel self-sufficient, or we don’t want the other person to think that we’re too needy. It’s human to want other people to think that we have it together, but what’s even more proper, is when you concede and allow someone to help you when you need it.

The way of the world, and I can say this confidently now, is that we need each other to prosper. You can barely do it on your own. You need to interact with people who have taken steps ahead of you. You might not take the same route they took, but since they’ve been there, they can share with you their experience of the route they took and it’s up to you to make that decision whether you want to take the same route or nah. And sometimes, they would know of an alternative one that would’ve worked best, and they would encourage you to try it out.

From that day I got that remark from my friend, I told myself there’s no shame in asking for help. We’re the ones that judge ourselves too harshly, and assume what’s running in the other persons mind. I figured it’s okay for me to seek help, and in the same measure offer help to someone who’s in need. And I don’t mean, financial, because that’s the one many people associate with when you say you’re in need. It could be you’re in need of advice/guidance, of information, of a prayer, of support – emotional, physical or mental, name it. Help comes in different forms, and it’s okay to seek it in its different forms.

You just need to be as willing to give as you’re willing to receive, because everyone needs it. Don’t look at someone and think that just because they earn this much, they don’t need help; or because they’re so bubbly and outspoken, they don’t need help; or because everything in their life looks like it’s working out so well, they don’t need help; or because they’re doing so well in their business or in their career, they don’t need help. Absolutely everyone needs help, and each in their own special way.

When you are up and flying, lend others a hand. When you are down and beaten, ask for a hand. Everyone needs a helping hand at some point ~ Jensen Siaw

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*