Familiar Stranger

Of late this has been a trend. Where you meet someone and you are pretty sure that you have met them before and you have been introduced to them, the full deal, name, relation … everything. And just in a split second, the person doesn’t remember your name, your face … zilch! The bad part is that you remember everything, how you met them, with who, where , when, the way you were introduced … in short, you remember their name and face.

I have to disclaim this : So I’m not getting all emo, and it doesn’t hurt my feeling, maybe just little tiny winy bit *read maybe*. My simple question would be, do they pretend that they don’t remember you? or do people do that so that they can achieve something? This week I’ve had that happen to me like twice or so. I am introduced to someone I know and I am 100% sure my face doesn’t change form … I’m no ghost.

Once I would understand if you don’t remember me, but twice, thrice … maen!! That to me means something. So this was what I thought, maybe as a way to console myself … hehe I do that a lot, and it works to my advantage. So here goes:

  • It raises your self esteem when you’re introduced to the same person like a million people.
  • You’re just a snob!
  • You think you’re cooler than rest, while in actual sense uuuuummmm I’m the judge of your coolness ūüôā and I think forgetting people’s faces is so uncool, especially if you’ve been introduced more than once.
  • You have short-term memory, or a goldfish attention span.
  • I intimidate you.
  • I’m too cool and pretty, so probably you’re lost in thought of how cool I can be. Such that you just forget my face, for my name I would understand because I barely remember people’s names as well.

The least you could do is just pretend and ask your friend for the¬†persons¬†name (not necessarily me) … now that’s uber cool. I mean, being introduced to someone over and over, gets so tired. ¬†It’s synonymous to a joke being told over and over. Say it once and if it passes you too bad, don’t ask the comedian to repeat it, just ask the friend next to you, what the joke was or was about … that goes with introducing yourself.

I am this kind of person who doesn’t mind telling you my name like 1million times, and not minding if you forget my pretty face…hehe don’t burst my bubble. But trust, you won’t be one of the people on my ‘like’ list, that’s because I tend to remember people I like and ignore people I don’t like. So I assume that if you play your game of forgetting me it’s probably because you don’t like me. That was like a threat right there…lol

Anyhow in case you are one of those people who I’m talking about, kindly¬†educate¬†me how you forget someone you’ve been introduced to like “so many” times and you still don’t remember… I don’t get it, maybe from your point view would be good.

And my workmate pulls an “I’m not memorable”…. I take that very personally :p , your bruising my rather fat ego…lol

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*