Feel Good Friday

Thank God It’s Friday! Yaaay! It’s been an lovely week, one of firsts but I didn’t quite feel the newness other than of course the first day where everyone wonders who is this new girl on this neck of the woods O_O . It’s been a successful week all together, all’s well 🙂 Plus I’ve been sharing the happiness and having my purple o’clock (happy time) courtesy of Dairy Milk, thaaat chocolate. You should try out the ‘Dream’ or ‘Rum n Raisin’ on that note…YUMMINESS!

Random Thoughts

My new place of work is A.W.E.S.O.M.E . And the awesomeness just oozes out of the people. Then of course if the people are like that, it definitely trickles down to everything else. Basically, I’m gel’ing in, they’re all so welcoming and warm it’s amazing.

On things love. I must have mentioned somewhere that my favorite reality show is Ice Loves Coco though I haven’t watched it in a while now. Maybe I should just pay my DSTV. You start missing things when you talk about them. So today I came across Ice’s quotes. No wonder those two just look like they’ve got it all together, “Love isn’t looking somebody in the eyes; it’s looking out in the same direction.” ~ Ice T

I’m Feeling

Bubbly, giggly … lol. Feel good Friday for sure!

This Weekend

A hot date *cheeky grin*. Then, I have a study partner…lol so doing assignments shouldn’t be that boring. Chilling out, catching up,  movies (Spiderman 3 IMAX is out *woop woop*).

Snap! Two days for a weekend, feels like I’ve been short-changed already and it’s still Friday.

I’m Craving

That samsung S3, my current dream phone. Oooh I so want.

Songs of the Week

Just found out about her recently, ain’t she amazing? There’s so much talent around.

I Want and Pray

I want to thank God for the little and the big blessings in my life, those that I see and those that I haven’t yet seen. I know, cliché prayer but I actually do mean it —> Looks like it’s my repetition prayer at this rate, so thankful –> Clearly it still is even this week.

Quote Of The Week

To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*