Foodie Moment.

I hope my Kenyan friends who are of age went to exercise their democratic right by electing their political aspirant of choice. As we wait for the vote results, we hope that they’ll be free and fair seeing as there are some challenges the IEBC is experiencing. Well, at least we were given a week off by our office to observe the election process. It’s interesting because we get to rest while at the same time touch base on what’s happening. in the mean time, let’s try to say and think good things about IEBC to promote peace despite the speculations going around. Not easy for me either, but I’m pretty sure they’re trying their best.

That’s what I’ve been really up to. Feels like a leave of sorts. Have some thesis work and assignments that were due this week but have been pushed to next week as well so you can imagine the amount of laziness that’s creeped in. It’s amidst my laziness that I thought to share with you things that really tickled my fancy this week. That’s with regard to food. Say with me “a moment on the lips, a life time on the hips”. But then again, what’s life without some good food?

Favourite meal: Chicken and plain boiled rice

Food, Chicken, Rice

I’m not one to write the recipes really but let me try my hand at it.

Ingredients: One cup of Rice, handful of boiled peas, 1 spoon salt, 1 spoon garlic powder, 1 spoon mixed spices, sprinkle of royco, 1/2kg chicken, 2 green pepper(sliced), 1 batch of dhania, 2 tomatoes (diced), 1 onion (diced), one tumbler of water, 5ml cooking oil (sunflower).


For the rice, basically measure one cup of rice, wash it. Then measure two cups of water and boil it. Pour some little oil and a spoon of salt. Pour the washed rice into the boiling water and let it cook in medium heat until the water falls. Mix the rice with boiled peas and let it simmer.

For the chicken stew, I do a fake marination of the chicken with the spices for a few minutes. Then my first step (for nearly all stew meals) is always fry the onions and green pepper in a little cooking oil. I think it’s just a habit picked up while observing how my mum cooked. Tried other methods, but this one has stuck. Then pour in the 1/2kg chicken and let it cook a little then add some water and simmer. As it cooks, add diced tomatoes, dhania and some peas then let them cook and melt into the stew. Add a pinch or two of salt to taste.

Serve the rice and chicken stew while hot. The arrangement of the food on the plate doesn’t quite matter for me at least, unless you’re trying to please someone. LOL I hope my boyfriend doesn’t see that, he might subject me to decorating his food. YUMMERS! That happens to be one of my favourite fast cook foods. I think one hour and am done if not less. As long as the white meat is ready.

Favourite snacks: Urban bites/pringles, corn chips (aka choose), ribena/can of redd’s.

snacks, urban bites, ribena, corn, chips, redds

I don’t have any particular crave at the moment, but it looks like my palette is tending towards salty stuff (crisps and chips) with a sweet beverage accompaniment.

Favourite Dessert: Ice-cream and cookies

dessert, ice cream, cookies

I’d mentioned that I’d love to try the different Igloo flavors, this time I went for vanilla (it’s undoubtedly my favourite). As simple as it gets. We should go a bit wild on the flavours next time.

Ha ha just in case you’re wondering where it all goes … the sewer system works pretty fine. Did I just spoil my whole post with this. I’m starting to skip as an exercise regime (even bought a skipping rope) and dragging the boyfriend on that plan. Healthy living people, healthy living. Eat then exercise a little. No?

Keep safe and be good comrades!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*