Football vs SoapOpera

Yesterday, as I was tweeting in the evening just before I got to bed, I thought to myself … There are two different groups of people, those that watch football and are staunch supporters and those that faithfully watch soap operas and can barely stand football.

Oh well, I am not an avid watcher of any, as a result of my busy schedule…hehe and am not saying! Then I had this strong urge to compare the two and see where the similarities and differences lie. So this is what I came up with. This is from my point of view. Nothing technical about it. I don’t even know the technicalities in football. or even the leagues that are there. They all confuse me. The English Premier League, Champions league, I don’t get all that, but at least there some things my observant self has seen and now am looking at it from both sides…


Soap Opera

Stress People watching this tend to be frustrated and stressed when the team they are supporting is on a loosing streak. It’s like they are on the field playing and they are the ones making the blunders and not the players.

Like really!! Sounds to me like if they win you get some dividends..ha!

People watching soaps don’t really get stressed per se. Actually, they tend to compare their current lives with what’s happening in the Soap…and then now get stressed because that’s a fantasy.

Am sure even the actors don’t live such lives but would die to.

Cannot be missed Staunch football supporters, wouldn’t miss a game for anything. Unless it’s a matter of death #ithink

A game is at 4am in the morning, they will wake up to watch it. They would even pay for dish just to watch the games at their convenience.

Soap watchers, wouldn’t miss an episode as well.

If the programme is at 8pm, you would find the person doing things in a hurry before then so that they can settle down to watch with no disturbance. Deny them to watch and you’re a declared enemy for that day.

Concentration Ever seen a football fan watching the game. Trust me, for you to have any constructive talk, you would have to wait for the 90mins to be over.

Because they just keep screaming off-side, penalty, foal #ThoseTerms.

Quite the same, people watching the soaps get so engulfed into the story line. even when it’s so cliché and looks a bit fake.

I always imagine maybe they are picturing themselves in it #joke

Emotional When a fans team looses, they get so depressed. And I see some of them frowning and getting all cranky. It’s a game for pits sake!

There’s history of some even committing suicide..and you wonder, the player should be the one feeling the remorse, not you the watcher or is it fun.

Haha, when one goes awwwww on the mushy parts, and literally cries when the actor they like is being harassed and mistreated (it’s always like that in the soap).
There’s two sides to it There always two teams playing, and different people support the different teams.

Problem here is that they compete and only one team will win at the end. So the fans of the team that win, brag a lot and demean the supporters of the looser teams.

Like the way Man-U wins most of the leagues and Arsenal procrastinate and console themselves a lot #JustSaying 🙂

There are two sides, the bad side and the good side i.e the rich and the poor… Although here the rich man/woman always marries the poor man/woman …. so it’s a win win at the end.. and the watchers always finish the season happy 🙂
Easy to Understand No it’s not easy to understand football, unless some one sits you down to explain diagrammatically. the off-sides, penalties, fouls..bleh bleh bleh!

Which still makes me go back to my original question, Why watch a man chase a ball round the field to get it into a goal #RhetoricalQuestion

Very easy to understand, all you need is a 10mins sitting and you’ll understand the whole plot. If you’re smart, you’ll even know how it ends…because they are always cliché.
Drama and Suspense
Oh well, quite dramatic #iguess seeing as the way the fans keep screaming off-side, penalty … how the referee is unfair, this literally causes lots of arguments and disagreements which I would never want to involve myself in.

The fans have the football history from 1900 and know all the players by heart..maybe even the referees so clearly theres nothing you’re contributing.

Funny, even when a team has lost the fans and supporters always have consolation points as to what went wrong.

Hehe, it’s always love drama, love wrangles between the poor and the rich. Who will inherit what, who will marry who!!

Is there drama and suspense really?? I don’t know, I can say at the time you are watching they are things that unfold in the middle that were not necessarily expected, that’s what keeps the soap watchers glued to the t.v.

Hot Men Totally. Thierry Henry, David Bekham, Theo Walcott, Cesc Fabregas, ronaldo … am sure theres many others just that I barely know the players #oops The full #EyeCandy Likes of Erick Elias, John Paulo, John Lloyd Cruz, Mark Harmon e.t.c.
Target Men, Women but mostly Men and a small percentage of women, say 10%
Women has the greater percentage and maybe 2%of men who would probably prefer to watch something different.

I assume they are coerced by the wives to watch….hehe! They actually say it was initially targeted for housewives by focusing on middle-class family life

Location Preferably watched in a pub where there are many people and a beer to go with. Very few guys like to watch ball in their houses especially for major league games. #iwonderwhy
Watched at the confines of the home, where it’s warm and cosy!
Inception Was started in 1863, at least that’s when some bright chap discovered it was foot ball, so there are chances it had began waaay earlier than that #ithink Was there say from 1930’s – they say it’s name was derived from the soap and detergent manufacturers who originally often sponsored such programs on radio.
Time 90mins – Which I think is way too long for someone to run around the humongous pitch, leave alone us watching him chase that ball.. 60 mins long episodes which are continuous until a season completes.

This is bearable.

Oh well, my conclusion, is that those who watch football, that’s like their soap opera and those who watch soap opera that’s like their football…(read the ‘like’) because either of them hates the other, football hates soap operas and vice versa.

Maybe it’s about time people settled their disputes on both because the two will never come to an agreement as they are one and the same. It’s more like two fools arguing 🙂 You know how it goes/ends

Signing off — *Kawi*