Foundation Friday, Because #LikeAMum

I know that by now you’ve established how much I love my parents – yes, my dad and mum, both in the same intensity. In all honesty, if their purpose was to ensure that their children are content with their parental services, they should tick that box already. But it’s not about ticking a box, it’s not a project that has an end. Great thing is, they always find a way to continue playing that role throughout the years and in ways that are absolutely timeless and selfless.

What I find amazing is how they complement each other when it comes to dealing with us. When one is too hard, the other one steps in and provides a cushion. Foundation Friday is about remarking the importance of Mum’s in the society and why we should participate in ensuring they have safe child births’ and reduce the death of mothers during child birth by training midwives across the region. This what led to the birth of the #SaveAMum Campaign.

So today, as a grown woman, there a couple of things that my mum did, consciously or subconsciously, that when I look back, I feel lucky, blessed and beyond grateful. And that’s why she’s my hero and makes me want to do my stuff #LikeAMum. Let’s do 5 because Friday (disclaimer: I’ve been called me out on my misdeed, yes, Friday definitely has 6 letters not 5 – mind tricks), and Five, start with F’s. I mean, we’ll always have a reason for everything. Here are some of my good memories;

I remember when she’s cooking meals – especially fried meat. And she’ll start with the onions, and meat – and when it’s ready, before she pours in the vegetable stuff, she’ll take a side plate and put for us some meat to taste before the main meal.

Got home from work and whipped that meal for one ‪#‎LikeAMum‬
Got home from work and whipped that meal for one ‪#‎LikeAMum‬

I remember that every Christmas, without a doubt, she made sure that we had new clothes to wear and gifts to unwrap, even way into our 18+ ‘grown up’ years. Not because it was a must she did it, but because the excitement that we had about the new clothes and gifts was supreme.

I remember those moments after our disagreements. After she’s given you the tough lectures about how you’re leading your life, and it makes you think that you’re so done with her. That you’ll lock yourself in your room forever and remain invisible to everyone in the house, because no one understands you #TeenLife. A few minutes in, she calls out your name, like nothing ever happened and sends you to do something for her. And with your lemon attitude, she makes amends with you, smiles and tells you “I’m just being a mum”.

I remember anytime we got sick. Special doesn’t begin to describe the treatment we got. From the delicately prepared meals, to the soothing conversations and lee-way to take chill. And sometimes we took advantage and prolonged the ‘pain complaints’ because I mean, that’s when we were allowed to watch T.V a little longer, be selective about meals and most importantly, be excused from house-chores

I remember the never-ending support, as it has always been immense. Through all the stages in my life, there’s not one time I can tell you she wasn’t there, whether physically or in thought. The constant and consistent prayers, I believe is what gets me through this life. Also, the constant push to be better, to go to church, to trust in God and to put him first in my endeavors. The chats, that leave me so inspired.

Chase Group Foundation, Save A Mum, Like A Mum

What’s your Mum’s story (or the woman that plays the Mum role in your life)? What are those things she’s done for you that get you thinking, “if I could give this woman the world, I definitely would.

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Happy Friday.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*