Friday *11.11.11*

Thank God It’s Friday! It’s been a short week now that I took my first ever leave. Tested it with 2 days and it could very well become a habit. I’ve worked for 3 years, but leave had never crosses my mind.

And it’s 11.11.11! I don’t know what the excitement is about, but I’m sure excited about *I don’t know what*. I woke up on the left side of the bed which I always do maybe I did it on a different angle today…lol. So, you could make that epic wish and let’s see if it comes true now that someone somewhere said it’s a valid day to make one (who did?). Considering I make wishes every other time.

Random thoughts

I think when you’re around the right people you don’t have to try so hard, you just blend in with them. For me, that’s what makes a true friend. I don’t have to have known you for the longest time, all that matters is that when I’m around you I am free to be me without feeling any sense of weirdness.

I’m feeling

So bubbly, so smiley!

This weekend

Kutuliza tu (Sawahili for relaxing). In short, I don’t have it planned out.

I’m craving

Some video gaming! I miss the Mario’s, Sonic, Resident Evil, Racing, Street Fighter, FIFA and the likes. Pure bliss is when you give your mate a TKO or just win them … that feeling right there, I miss.

Songs of the week

Those lyrics *Melts*, why isn’t he like a super super star again? *Groupie love*

I want and pray

I want that which I prayed for. I know it’s vague, but I can’t just say everything, you feel me yeah! Though it came along after some reality checks involving pen, paper and a list O_O


To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*