Friday *Crafty* Musings!

Crafty ->Skillful in underhand schemes; cunning; deceitful *Honest*; ingenious; dexterous.

Crafty is me today, to be honest I have no idea what I want as per now, but I’m sure my very brilliant mind is scheming something without my knowledge … I have a certain urge for something and I can not place my finger on it. It’s a very disturbing feeling by the way.

Anyhow, It’s Friday *woohoo* … that could qualify as a reason to be happy and uneasy. It’s valentines weekend and I’m not a valentines person … ok, that’s a lie … just because I don’t have any valentines mate. I’ll probably hog on my friends and be a third wheel, that’s if I am invited or allowed. Otherwise I’ll resort to working late or going home and watching series or movies … nah! doing constructive things like go to the ihub now that I got Green Membership.

How could I forget to mention that, I got into the ihub *excited galore*, I used to admire from a far but now I’m a greenie. So I need to do something ingenious technologically that is, that’ll make me worthwhile this year. Any ideas?

I’m feeling happy, zeeeggggzzzy *euphemism at it’s best* I got my valentine gift early, or I’ll assume it was one. Sender, don’t burst my already very inflated bubble. I got my favorite perfume delivered yesterday.

Now, I feel like that woman on the pic. I love the fragrance, it totally gets me, it’s actually angelic … it doesn’t pierce the nose, especially with someone with “fake” sinusitis, like me … It’s smooth, mild and you have to come closer to smell it. It so much describes my personality…hehe, I just had to pull one of those.

Okay, my mind is so cluttered, if someone hang out with me today, I would probably be humorous. And no, I’m not looking for a date or searching for a plan, my bed actually made an early appointment 🙂 so I’ll probably sleep talk. Yikes, clearly you now understand how my Friday is already and maybe how my weekend is going to be. FUNNY!



Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*