Friday Fives

Thank God It’s Friday! Eeh the week has really flown. It’s like it choses when to have wings, when to have legs, or remain legless. It’s started from a two days leave on Monday and Tuesday. Though it didn’t feel much like one because I was catching up with my research work and so on. Then back to work with of course work excitedly waiting for me. Jeez! Why that happens just after some few days of “resting”. How was your week?

1. Oopsies!

Remember when I used to complain (that’s if you follow me on twitter @Kawiria), that my Electricity bill was either coming in unrealistic amounts like KES 66 or in -ve amounts. There’s actually one month I went without a bill. Well, well, guess what? The REAL bill is now here and boy wasn’t it bill’y.

I had consulted my landlord on the matter (on that note, thank God for a good landlord and lady, those guys are good peoples…God bless them). Anyhow, back to the consultation and he told me the reader was either not doing their job or he was just making guesses on the bill which they usually do *lazy bums* then when thy actually come read your meter you’re bitch slapped with a crazy bill. Which is what happened. The good advice he gave me was, “enjoy the amenities, they are here for you to enjoy. But, don’t eat the money you’re to pay for them…lol”. I was for sure expecting some surprise bill, but wow, surprise, surprise again! We’ll check to make sure that it’s actually my bill, then of course that will lead to wallet damages.

2. Weekly Crackers

Progress in my research work at least. So my hopes of having done chapter one and two by end of October are not so bleak.

Got a research book by Kothari from mother dearest. So thoughtful as I will very much need it for the research. I am not anywhere close to finishing but at least I have made the most procrastinated step, starting it up. Getting ready for the tiresome rounds with the supervisors on corrections, recommendations and ish.

I am supposed to go to the Stanchart marathon and I have not lifted a hand or foot to exercise. Is that really a wise idea? Please note that it’s on Sunday and I was registered for the 10km run…LOL yeah, laugh at me too because the joke will definitely be on me come Sunday. When after a few meters I will start panting like crazy and my joints will be severely aching. That’s if I get the balls to go, I’ve started freaking out.

3. Faves and Craves

I can’t get over the cupcakes at Velvet Chocolate Cupcakes (hope I got the name right) at Junction.

Those cupcakes describe moments of pure yumminess. They come in different flavors, black forest with strawberries (my favorite of course), red velvet, chocolate e.t.c. They are spongy, chilled and melt-in-tongue delish. I don’t know how I finish them, they are never enough.

4. Stupendous Snippet

Today we had a talk dubbed, “Your steps to financial freedom” from Britam Insurance. I have done financial talks before and I almost at some point felt like I was in charge of my finances, somehow, but not today. This one got me thinking I am really not in charge of them. Some saving here, spending here, not spending there, fake budgets. Basically, I need to get serious about it, to plan and budget my finances. Well, that means a lot of recording and having more defined goals. Which I think for a better future, for me and my family *can I hear an AMEN* I need to sort this things out now.

5. T.G.I.F Inspiration

Finances, Future

Have a fun-filled weekend, make the most out of it. I on the other hand will definitely squeeze all the juices out of the weekend and make sure I finish (or at least come close to finishing) what I was supposed to before October. That’s ambition. To living, laughing and loving more.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*